10 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Eyelashes

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This post is all about taking care of your eyelashes. I started giving my eyelashes some importance after I started following IMBB. Previously, I would never care about curling my lashes or applying any mascara. But IMBB has changed my views completely, and I have now started to groom my lashes with care. Along with using mascaras and curlers to highlight your lashes, it is also important to take care of them. Lashes are generally soft and delicate. So, if you want long, luscious lashes, you should give up a few bad habits. Here are 10 mistakes that you should completely avoid in order to maintain your beautiful lashes perfectly.

10 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Eyelashes

Being harsh with the lash

This is probably the worst thing to do. Eyelashes are softer and more delicate that your hair. So being rough can always lead to breakage or fallout of lashes. Always brush your lashes delicately with a lash comb to separate them. If there is mascara clump on the lashes, remove it gently with a cleansing wipe or a mascara ward.

Not replacing the mascara

applying mascara

Yes, mascaras are supposed to expire after 2-3 years. No, you are not supposed to use one for that long. Mascaras need to be replaced after every 2-3 months. The pumping in and out of the wand leads to bacterial accumulation in the mascara tube. If you continue using such mascara, it can lead to eye infection or fallout of lashes. So make it a priority to change your mascaras in time.

Using waterproof mascara every day

Waterproof mascaras are preferred as they are waterproof. But well, you do not dive into a swimming pool every day. And you definitely do not end up crying and ruining your mascara on a daily basis. So skip using the waterproof mascara every day and go for the regular ones. Waterproof mascaras are tough to remove and often leave the traces of the product if not cleaned perfectly. Also, it needs a lot more effort to be removed completely which means more torture for your lashes. Use it only when you have to attend a party or you are planning to have a fight with your partner (and end up trying to win the match!) 😛

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Dyeing your lashes in improper ways

Just like dyeing the hair, dyeing lashes is becoming a trend these days. But it is best if you do not go for it. These dyes often lead to severe allergies and can also make you blind. You can also lose all your lashes permanently. So it is always advisable not to get your lashes dyed (why take the risk when you have beautiful coloured mascaras available in the market!). Still if you want to get it done, do not try to do it at home using your hair dyes. Visit a salon where there are experts for this, check the products they are using, and get it done (and still the risk will be there).

Rubbing your eyes roughly

Many girls have the bad habit of rubbing their eyes, mostly due to irritations. This can damage your eyes and also break the lashes. So, if you feel irritation in the eyes, try splashing cold water. This definitely helps deal with the trouble. Also, try to stay away from the laptop or mobiles for some minutes to give your eyes some rest from time to time.

Curling the lashes harshly

ways to us an eyelash curler

Women love to curl their lashes regularly as it helps to open up the eyes and give the lashes a girly look. But doing it properly is always important. Too much pressure on a regular basis can damage them forever. Learn how to curl the lashes perfectly. You may also skip your curler and use a spoon and your fingers for the process.

Not removing the mascara before going to sleep

remove makeup before bed

Makeup products do not get removed all by themselves. So if you are investing time on applying a product, you should also give some effort and time to get it removed. Removing the mascara from your lashes is a must. Mascara makes the lashes stiff. So once you hit the bed with it on your lashes, it crunches against the bed sheet and pillow cover and can break easily. Often tired women skip the removers and just use a cleanser or cleansing pad to remove all the makeup. But it is definitely not enough to clean your lashes. Mascaras often stay back in the lashes, leading to infections and lash fall-out. Always use proper eye-makeup remover to remove your mascara.

Using cheap products

Always, and I repeat ALWAYS, emphasize on the product quality over quantity. Buy one mascara, but make sure that it is from a good brand. Similarly be careful while buying eyelash serum or conditioner. Cheap products expire fast, contain harmful chemicals and can ruin your lashes in no time.

Using falsies all the time

using falsies

You need not get the dramatic eyes for an everyday eye look. So, avoid using falsies every now and then. Wrong application and removal technique of the falsies can lead to breakage of lashes. The glue can lead to allergic reaction for many and finally the falsies trap some dirt and infection causing bacteria which are definitely not good for your eyes. Try to enhance your natural lashes by curling them and using mascaras. You can save the falsies for the special occasions.

Not taking care of the lashes

You need to take care of your lashes just like you take care of your skin and hair. Use a baby shampoo to clear your lashes at least once a week. Use a lash serum or moisturiser to keep the lash soft and conditioned. This is very important as the regular use of mascara makes the lashes dry and brittle. Also, eyelashes are often affected by dandruff problems which occur due to various reasons. Consult a doctor immediately to get rid of the trouble. Also, if you are not happy with your lash size, you can always try homemade serums for lash growth.

Learn to love your lashes and they will love you back! Avoiding these mistakes can help you to get the luscious lashes without much effort. Do keep these points in mind and let your lashes flutter with all its glory! Cheers and all the best.

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  1. Nice article. I didnt even know that people are dying lashes these days.
    I apply castor oil once a week on the eye lashes using a plain mascara wand and it gives me thick black lashes. Do try 🙂

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