H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover Review

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When I was in Sweden, I could not resist myself from H&M. In addition to clothing(of course), I did a mini beauty haul as well. Like Forever21, they also have affordable and good quality beauty range. So today, I will be reviewing H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover. There was one available with acetone as well but both were priced same, so I chose to pick this one. Let us see how this one fared.

H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Product Description:
An acetone-free remover that gently and thoroughly takes off all traces of nail polish. Not for use on gel polish or artificial nails. An acetone-free polish remover quickly and effectively removes all traces of nail lacquer. Non-drying formula with a pleasant aroma. Quickly removes polish colors.

€ 2.99 for 150 ml

H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover 2

H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover 3

My Experience with H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover:

The claim that it is acetone free is enough to pick this baby up. Starting with the packaging, the removers comes in a transparent plastic bottle. The packaging is quite simple. The liquid is light blue in color(the one with acetone is in light pink color) and comes in a bulky bottle. Even though it looks cute, it is not very travel friendly. Honestly while travelling, I neither prefer carrying such huge bottles, nor do I prefer transferring the liquid to smaller ones. I usually carry small boxes of nail polish removing pads. They are very travel friendly and effective too.

H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover 4

This remover contains vitamin E, which helps in strengthening nails and making them healthy and hydrated. This is a non drying formula and does not dry or cause any kind of white cast on my nails, which most nail polish removers do. This is an acetone free formula and is not at all harsh on nails. The nails looks healthy and shiny after use.

H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover 5

The remover works well at removing the nail paints. The formula does the job really fast and is very gentle. You do not need to rub the cotton hard against the nails to get rid of the nail polish. Just swipe it gently and the paint gets easily removed without leaving any color on the nails. It works good on normal paints, but with the shimmer ones or the confetti ones, you might have to use extra to take care of them. I do not like this at all. I wish, it was just as effective on the shimmer ones as well.

H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover 6

Another thing that I noticed with acetone free removers, is that they become ineffective over a period of time. If they are not used up even within a year after opening, they do not remove nail paints that effectively. It may be due to the fact that they are acetone free and we all know that acetone works really well in getting rid of nail paints. So, buying a larger pack of acetone free remover may not be advisable.

H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover 7

Overall, I think this is a good affordable nail paint remover available in the market. It may not be the best one, but it does the job pretty good.

Pros of H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover

  • Non Drying formula.
  • Does not cause any white cast on nails.
  • Nails look shiny and healthy post removal.
  • Does not have an over bearing smell.
  • Very affordable.
  • Very effective. Removes nail paint instantly.
  • Going to last for a long time

Cons of H&M No Acetone Nail Polish Remover

  • Packing is a bit bulky.
  • Not much travel friendly.
  • Not available easily yet.

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