7 Home Remedies to Get Soft and Supple Lips in Winter

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I am back to writing after a really long break of nine months. Reason for the break? 9 months? Pregnancy…ehh? I am happily single. LOL. I shifted to a new city to pursue my passion, which is RJing. I have been ‘on air’ for 7 months now and it still feels like a dream. I’ll take to Madam Gupshup forum to share my journey. For now, let’s concentrate on those dry, chapped lips. If you are someone who loves putting lipsticks, chapped and flaky lips can be such a pain. No matter how expensive your lipstick is if the canvas – i.e. your lips – isn’t smooth and supple it won’t look good. Here are some basic ingredients lying here and there in your kitchen. Get a hold of them the next time you wait for your cooker to whistle because every kitchen queen is a beauty queen.

7 Home Remedies to Get Soft and Supple Lips in Winter


How to Make Hands Soft and White Honey

Applying honey and keeping it on overnight will give you wonderful results in the morning. Tried and tested! Even if you apply honey for a short span of 30 minutes or so, it will soften your lips and after that you can use an old toothbrush of yours to scrub your lips gently. It will help you in getting rid of dead skin and your original pink lips will be back, plus that hot pout. Organic manuka honey is recommended because it kills dryness and heals sores and cracks faster than the regular honey.

Olive oil

When you are in the kitchen pick that olive oil up and apply on your lips. It’s a natural conditioner for your skin. Olive oil has many anti-oxidants so ageing lips will get much-needed nutrition and fuller look. Massaging your lips with olive oil before applying any matte or liquid matte lipstick will ensure a comfortable wear and beautiful finish.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice

Pigmented lips look very unattractive. A wedge of lemon instantly puts life in a bland salad. Similarly, it revives your pigmented lips and brings their original colour back. Full of vitamin C, lemon juice mixed with glycerine is a magic potion for your lips.

Clarified butter or desi ghee

Here comes the traditional rescue for dry and chapped lips. I always felt my granny used ghee as a lip gloss. 😀 It is an emulsion of the purest form and thus gives the ultimate nourishment to your lips. My granny would pluck a rose from the garden, crush the petals and add a drop or two of ghee to it. I just shared her secret for soft and pink lips.

Mustard oil

Mustard seed with oil and flower over white background

Mustard oil and your belly button are two BFFs you should ensure keep meeting. LOL. In fact, any oil would do roughly the same. Reason? Well, it is said that there are thousands of veins around our navel. Applying different oils like neem oil, asafoetida oil etc helps with periods pain and constipation too.


Milk has lactic acid, which helps in lightening the lips. After gently scrubbing your lips with a toothbrush, apply this mix of milk and turmeric and leave it on for five minutes, only to scrub it off again with the toothbrush.


Coffee cup and coffee beans on table

While drinking excessive coffee can cause pigmented and dehydrated lips, a coffee scrub can boost blood circulation. Mix coffee, brown sugar and a few drops of almond, olive or castor oil and scrub gently to see your lips in a new pink colour.

Hey there, while writing this I gulped two glasses of water, refrained from smoking (like I have since my appearance on earth, LOL) and also rechecked for my lip balm in my handbag. All this because little things matter. Stay beautiful inside out.

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