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Today morning when I saw Fahveen’s review here, I was reminded that I dont do any thing for my eyes(except makeup :P) I do have puffy eyes and I use a night eye cream but I want something soothing and cooling for the eyes which I can conjure up at home,please give me some ideas. 🙂 Something we all can use for tired eyes…I know something on the lines of a chilled spoon, grates potato, cucumber and green tea but the right way to use them would be beneficial for me and all of us.

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14 thoughts on “Home-Made Soothing Eye Packs: Ask IMBB

  1. I use the gel eye-mask from Faces. There are similar ones available in other brands as well.
    It can use used both hot/cold and gives intant relief and handles puffiness also to an extend.

    1. Koi bhi le le Neha.. though green tea is better. I toh simply soak a bit of cotton pads in chilled water and put it on my eyes.. or wash my eyes with cold water. Saves from a lot of stress.

  2. The best pack for reducing wrinkles would be applying egg white… it has worked wonder for my under eye wrinkles.. I’m 26 and due to some infection my under eye started wrinkling… This has helped me a lot for my underye wrinkles

    For soothing best would be potato juice just keep it for 20 mins and rinse off-It’ll work on dark circles as well

    Lastly for Exfoliation: Apply sugarcane juice, and wash it after 10-15 mins, then moisturise 🙂

  3. I rub over icecubes [you can wrap then in a hand/face towel,preferably clean] and alternate between both eyes [make sure you dont keep on same eye for longer time]. It makes eyes cool, sparkling and you feel refreshed.

    Another is to keep used tea bags in fridge for 1-2hours and then simply place over your eyes and relax.

    massaging with pure almond oil like roghan badam shirin also will moisturize your eyes, lighten dark circles, and delay wrinkles and aging. It also promotes eyelashes growth so its an all-in-one product and easily available and easy to use. 😛

    I have seen basicare hot/cold gel masks for eye and costs just 150 INR.

  4. I have learned this tip for my doctor once. She told me to apply thick almond paste on eyelids and let it dry, keep over night (it doesnt hurt, just make sure while applying it shouldnt go into eyes). And wash in the morning. I have tried in for many months and let me tell you, its miraculous… Applying almond paste. Must try.
    Also you can apply vasaline on alternate days, it moisturizes and promotes eyelashes growth. I swear by it. Caution : Wash away vasaline well before applying mascara. Remember vasaline and mascara dont go together. so dont try to remove mascara by applying vasaline either.
    Hope this helps 🙂

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