Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk Review

By Deepika SV

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

There are many of us who love colouring our hair but often back out due to the scare of the damages it may cause. Sometimes, after colouring your hair you get bored of the same look and would want to try something new! So that is when the temporary colours come into picture. So I picked up one such color pack with the blue, pink, green and purple. I can’t wait for the summer here to flaunt the multi-coloured hair! So read on.
Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk (2)

Hot Huez™ Hair Chalk is the hot new hair craze that allows you to instantly change your look with eye-popping color! Hot Huez™ Hair Chalk is fast, easy and washes right out with your shampoo. So whether it’s for a rocking day or a special night, Hot Huez™ Hair Chalk is instant glamorous fun just for you. Just choose your hue, slide along hair and color goes on.

hot huez

How to use it:

Just press and slide along the hair.
Finish it off with a spray.


I purchased this online from Amazon for £ 5.97. P.S. Also, be careful while purchasing as there are many duplicates available too for a lesser price.

My Experience with Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk:

I have dark brown hair colour and it is wavy. There are at times, where in I always wanted to try the bold colours for my hair but backed out assuming it may not look good or felt it is not right for the work place. I envied anyone with purple or bright red highlights.

Then, I found the solution to my problem “ Temporary Hair colours” after reading and researching a lot, I found Hot Huez Hair Chalks. They are temporary, wash away easily and cause no hair damage! They come in a small compact with a built in sponge applicator. They come in 4 bright colors.

Neon Green
Fiery Fuschia
Electric Blue
Hot Pink

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk (3)

All the colours have to be applied on washed and dried hair. You can iron your hair if needed to seal in the colours.

Neon Green: This is a bright green and has to be glided 2-3 times for the green to show up .However, I felt it left little chunks behind, so I had to comb once after applying which made the colour fade!

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk (8)

Fiery Fuschia: My cravings for purple highlights ended when I got this. But on darker hair, you have to slide through twice or thrice for the colour to show up.
Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk (5)
Electric blue: It is more of an ink blue than electric blue. I have used it only twice and one application is enough for the colour to show up.

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk (4)

Hot pink: This is the brightest of all! It gives you a really hot pink colour that can grab anyone’s attention! But it looks very similar to Fiery Fuschia.
Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk (6)
Even though, the company states it is non-messy, there are chances that the colour can transfer to your clothes and hands during application. So make sure that you cover your dress with a towel when applying. Also always, finish it up with a spray to make sure that they stay long and don’t transfer.
hot huez chalks
For darker hair, you may have to slide 3-4 times for the colour to be visible. So with all the colors it looks like the below:

So summing up:

Pros of Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk :

• Easy to apply, minimum fuss and time needed.
• 4 amazing colors to choose from.
• Doesn’t damage the hair.
• Washes away with shampoo or water.
• Being temporary, it stays for approximately 4-6 hours
• Travel-friendly

Cons of Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk :

• Not suitable for dark hair.
• The colour transfers if not finished with a spray.
• The colour longevity should have been better.
• It can pull out your hair while gliding.
• There are no testers in the market, you need to risk in and buy it online.
• A little pricey.

Would I repurchase Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk again?

Yes, I would go in for the deluxe version for more colours!

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