How Celebrities Fake A Perfect Hourglass Figure with Illusion Dresses

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Don’t we all look in the mirror and manage to find at least one flaw with our body? We girls are never happy with our bodies (but we must be!) and are constantly trying to change something or the other. Fret not ladies, there is a trend called illusion dresses or strategic dresses. These dresses give the appearance of a perfect hourglass figure. Celebrities are often seen in this kind of dresses. And we thought these celebrities had perfect bodies!

penelope cruz illusion dress

Kate Winslet

kate winslet illusion dress

She wore a very clever dress at the Venice Film Festival. She appeared in a dress that gave her a perfect hourglass figure. The black panels took inches off her waist. The colour separation on the chest area gave the appearance of a fuller bust area.

Victoria Beckham

 illusion dress victoria beckham

She has always been a fashion forward girl, so how could she let go of this trend? She wore this Alexander McQueen dress which made her waist look even thinner, but created the illusion of curves as it expanded around the bust and hip area.

Keira Knightley

 illusion dress keira knightley

She wore an optical illusion dress from designer Karl Lagerfeld’s ready-to-wear collection. The dress consisted of a loose crop top with a figure hugging panel in the bodice, and a wide skirt. The dress overall gave the appearance of a waif-like waistline.

Gwyneth Paltrow

gwyneth paltrow illusion dress

She wore this ombre Atelier Versace one-shoulder gown with side cut-outs. The fading colour is giving more height to her already tall stature and the exposure at the right places is giving a very flattering shape to her figure.

Kylie Minogue

illusion dress
The dress that she is wearing is made in a way that her shoulders look broadened and her waist looks slimmer. This is working great for her petite frame.

Liv Tyler

illusion dress

This dress is more subtle and wearable than all of the other dresses. This stunning blue dress had black side panels to give an appearance of more toned and slimmer waist.


rihanna illusion dress

Rihanna too wore a dress on the lines of Keira Knightley (hers was a little extreme). There is boxy crop top and an A-line skirt and a corseted midriff which makes the waist look extremely tiny.


How You Too Can Flaunt A Near Perfect Figure:

Since we, obviously, don’t wear the above mentioned dresses, here are a few tricks to dress slimmer:

1. If you have baby fat around your stomach, you can wear tunic tops or ponchos to hide that flab.
2. High waisted jeans go well with all those crop tops and tees. They give you a slimmer tummy and also make your bum look great.

illusion dress

3. A big bag makes you look a little tiny instead of a small bag.
4. A-line skirts and pencil skirts suit almost all body types and give you a toned appearance.
5. Know your body type and dress accordingly, you will easily be able to look more stylish and slim.
6. Interesting necklines, embroideries or belts take the attention away from your problem areas really well.

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