How to Always Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh

What’s up? I just love writing reviews and posts for you guys! It is just so much fun and I love how I am of some help to other beautiful women around me! So, we’ll be talking HAIR today. As much as it is important to cleanse your hair, it is equally important to keep it smelling good! Heat, dirt and pollution can make your scalp stink and personally, I have an OCD with bad odor and I try my best to keep my hair and my body smelling good, come what may! There are a lot of things that can be done to keep your hair smelling nice and fresh, you just need to learn the tricks. Let me jot down a few! 😀

Hair Smelling Fresh

• Natural Oils

How to Always Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh3

One of the most natural ways to keep hair smelling good would be to use natural oils on your hair. They are chemical free and nourish your hair, apart from providing the fragrance of your choice.

Take a drop on your palm and go over your hair lightly. Lavender oil and coconut oil are known to keep hair hydrated and moisturized, plus they smell great too.

• Hair Mists

Hair mists are common these days and they are meant for the purpose of keeping your scalp smelling good. They stay put all day long and are an investment worth making. Also, if you have a favorite perfume, try to get a mist that smells similar.

• Hair Sprays

How to Always Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh2

If you thought that you must use hair sprays only while you are styling your hair, then NO! You can multi-task with a hair spray and use it to add fragrance to your hair while keeping it in place…One stone, two birds!

• Shampoo

Shampoos are one of the easiest and most effortless ways to keep your hair smelling good. However, choosing a shampoo whose fragrance lasts long is the real deal. I do not say that get shampoos according to how they smell!

Even if the shampoo you use does not have a good smell, stress yourself not, because you can make it smell heavenly by adding a few drops of rosewater or lavender oil.

• Leave-In Conditioner

How to Always Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh4

One of the most amazing inventions would be leave-in conditioners. Not only do they help tame the frizz and keep hair soft, they also help in making hair smell like they have just been washed. I am a true leave-in conditioner fan!

• Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works great on your skin, and so does on your hair. Applying lemon juice before you shower and rinsing it off later will leave your hair smelling amazing for days!

• Rose Water

How to Always Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh1

While showering, try spritzing some rose water on your hair, you will be amazed at how nice your hair will smell, it can be used on dry hair as well.

• Limit Your Heat Styling

It is very important to be careful while heat styling. Heat styling not only damages your hair, but can also make it smell gross, especially the burn smell. When your hair ends get burnt, they tend to smell. While styling, always adjust the heat settings and also tell your hairdresser to be careful with it.

• Dry Shampoo

How to Always Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh

Dry shampoos are also a savior in disguise. I feel, in India, we do not have access to many brands that offer these babies. However, laying your hands on these will have your hair looking and smelling good; even when you are going through a bad hair day or you are just not in the mood for a shower! 😉

Try these tricks and I am sure you are not going to be disappointed with the results it reaps!

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  1. Hair spray, hair oils are no – no for me. So, it’s a good shampoo and rose water for me, good tips Cidra 🙂 love reading your posts 🙂

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