Onion Hair Treatment For Problematic Scalp and Hair

In this world full of pollution and stress, many women suffer from a problematic scalp and numerous hair problems. Hair loss, dandruff, scalp acne, itchy scalp, damaged hair strands and thinning hair are some of the most common problems that women suffer from now-a-days. I am no exception too. I used to have beautiful thick hair but that is now a thing of past. For the past three years or so, I have been suffering from thousands of hair problems and there is hardly anything which I haven’t tried out. I have seen the dermatologist and failed terribly, went to the homeopathy doctor whose medicine has taken months to show even the slightest improvement and all the while, I have tried a variety of homemade treatments. Today, I would like to share a DIY onion hair treatment, which is quite effective on problematic scalp and hair.

Who Would Benefit From this DIY Onion Hair Treatment?

This DIY onion hair treatment is suitable for oily scalp and normal hair. Done religiously, it helps to combat hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, scalp acne and treat dry hair, which had been subjected to regular dose of anti-dandruff shampoos for a long period of time.

Why Onions?

Onions are loaded with the stimulating properties of sulphur which aid hair re-growth and strop hair loss. It has anti-bacterial properties that help to do away with dandruff and scalp acne.

DIY Onion Hair Treatment – Ingredients:

For this DIY onion hair treatment, you would need the following ingredients, which are easily available:

  • Onions – the smaller variety and not the larger ones that we often use while cooking. If you are confused, ask the vegetable man to give you “onions that help in hair loss” and chances are, he knows which variety to give. These onions are widely used to treat alopecia as a home remedy.
  • Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended hair oil which contains a blend of different essential oils; alternately, you may use one or more of the following essential oils – Tea Tree Essential oil, Yang Lang essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Cedar wood essential oil.
  • Pure olive oil (I use Bertolli Classico Olive oil).
  • Pure Coconut oil (I use any good quality local brand which I get).
  • Lemon and water for conditioning hair rinse.
How To Prepare DIY Onion Hair Treatment:

1. Take a few onions, anything from 5 to 8 pieces should be sufficient.

Small Onions

2. Peel the onions and put them in a blender.

Small Onions 1

3. The onions should be pureed and then put on a washed cheesecloth or cotton cloth.


4. Squeeze out the onion juice in a bowl. You will get 3 or 4 spoons of onion juice.

Onion Juice

5. Now, it is time to put some essential oils. I use the Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended hair oil meant for hair loss. This hair oil didn’t work any wonders for me on its own, when used as directed along with water. That is why, I prefer using it along with onion juice. When it gets used up, I would use tea tree essential oil or the others that I have already mentioned.

Essential Oil

6. Add about 10 drops of the oil to the onion juice. Mix well. Use a piece of cotton wool to dab it on the scalp. Ensure the whole of the scalp is covered with the mixture. [At the same time, take care to leave some onion juice-essential oil mixture (about a spoon) in the bowl.] After that, use the tips of the fingers to massage the scalp gently but thoroughly with the mixture. This helps in absorption and stimulation.

Hair Treatment

7. Take a spoon of olive oil and a spoon of coconut oil. I have shoulder-length hair and this is sufficient for me.

Hair Oil

8. Mix these oils thoroughly with the leftover onion juice-essential oil blend in the bowl.

Hair Oil

9. The mixture would look like a whitish liquid.

Hair Oil Treatment

10. Apply the mixture on the hair strands, avoiding the scalp.

11. Wait for at least 2 hours.

12. Wash with a shampoo of your choice. It is best if you can use a chemical-free and SLS-free shampoo. You could even use homemade shampoos. I use an all-natural powder shampoo, which is available in Kolkata.

13. Use lemon rinse to condition your hair. For this, you need to add the juice of half-a-lemon to a mug of water. This also helps to remove the strong smell of onion to some extent and makes scalp fresh.

DIY Onion Hair Treatment – Pointers:

  • It is best to use fresh onion juice every time.
  • This treatment can be done every day. But since this practice calls for regular shampooing, I prefer it on alternate days.
  • Even if you do not have the above-said problems, the hair treatment can be still resorted to as a part of your regular hair care regimen and you can keep your hair and scalp healthy with this easy and effective treatment.
  • The treatment takes at least a month’s time to show results. Hence, be patient and religious in following it.
  • The small variety of onions is available abundantly in winters. The price is low during the times. In other seasons, availability may be an issue and the price is pretty high.
  • If you have dry scalp, you can still go for the treatment. Just make sure that you cover your scalp with honey or a honey-olive oil mix after you have finished massaging your scalp with the onion-juice essential oil mixture.
  • If essential oils or Magic Stimulate Blended hair oil is not readily available, you may like to use onion juice directly on scalp. It is very effective that way too.
  • The smell of onions is very strong and may not be completely removed immediately after washing.
  • Scalp feels nourished, free from itches and hair feels soft after this treatment.

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40 thoughts on “Onion Hair Treatment For Problematic Scalp and Hair

    1. 🙂 Nandini, A mixer or a blender would be best. if not, u can do this- cut the small onions into really small pieces, smash it with a mortar/pestle and then do the rest. bt dats quite tiring 🙁

      1. i have the same problem as nandini,live in a hostel so no blender.
        wont using a mortar/pestle make my eyes burn and water due to the onions?

        1. Neha, i can understand….in fact, b4 i started with this one i too used to feel scared abt the fact of eye burning sensation coz whenever my mom peels or cuts onions for curry, im nowhere around….! bt strangely, this variety of onion causes only a bit of discomfort and at the most, the eye waters somewhat!!! i find the larger variety smells much stronger dat way….

        2. I think i have a solution to the burning eye problem while chopping onions!! Either u cut the onion into 4 pieces and put them in a bowl of water or hold under running water.. OR u can chew a chewing gum while chopping.This may sound weird, but a vigorous chew while doing the job really works!

  1. in Ayurveda also onion is said to be good for alopecia. when i was little mom used to make an onion and cumin seed oil. and i remember having very thick, beautiful hair till 10th…hmmm should make it again now although i dont have hair fall (touchwood) 🙂
    very nice post..

    1. thanx ife 🙂 its strange but true….while in school, we hardly knew so much abt beauty treatments and stuff, yet we had so beautiful hair…nd now, as we grow up, we know so much yet lose our precious things!!! 🙁 indeed ignorance was bliss 😛

  2. I use onion juice with lemon juice and castor oil.. but didn’t know that we should use the small onions.. should try that.. maybe that’s why i haven’t seen any results so far..
    by the way if we say sambar onion the vendor would know..

    1. Sumi….im not at all sure abt dat..so sorry. 🙁 bt u may give it a shot, as the vendor once…..actually, in Bengali, its called ‘Chhachi Pyaz’ and the vendors readily know what we mean…. 😛

    1. Shikha, its Keshasathi from the Akansha range. Its a shampoo in powder form. it has all natural ingredients except SLS, which composes only a fraction of it…….lesser than almost all other liquid shampoos whose composition i have seen…u get it at almost all leading stores.

  3. Oh i have done sonething similar once! My neighbour had amazing long hair and then i got to know that she uses onion paste as a hair pack regularly!
    I tried it once, put the puree all over and kept it for an hour. And the shine was so evident after shampooing!!
    The only disadvantage was the smell, so never got down to doing it again. Guess i should get back to it 🙂 thank you 🙂

  4. grt help…and on the rite tym
    Have all the essential ingredients. will definately try.
    And pls can u suggest som good sls, silicon, paraben free shampoo available in india??

    1. thanks Shruti.. 🙂 as far as the sls, silicon, paraben free shampoo is concerned, im so sorry i really dont know any….u need to make a homemade shampoo for dat…….!

  5. Thank you somreeta…..for this wonderful post….incidentally on a Sunday it’s a perfect post……….to put everything together for a DIY.. Love d way u ve given a complete description.will look for chhachi pyaz n strt off..I ve bin encountering hair fall recently may b humidity or my hair smoothening ……..y dnt u tell us more bat the dry shampoo..I also stay in Kolkata…..cn u tell me wher exactly I wud get…….


    1. hi…where do u live Sheena? well, the shampoo…u may be knowing abt it…. its Keshasathi from the Akansha range. Its a shampoo in powder form. it has all natural ingredients except SLS, which composes only a fraction of it 🙂 🙂 u get it in most f the leading stores…

  6. n also plz let me kno..r dese onion r sum special onion or d normal ones..em really keen to try dis as em suffering from major hairfall..dis a wonderful post!!

    1. Hi Jyoti, ya normal haired people can also try…not a prob! ya, this is a smaller species f onions….nt sure what they r called, in bengali we call it ‘chhachi pyaz’ 🙂

  7. Hey Somreeta, thanks for this lovely post…and the timing is amazing 🙂 i happen to be suffering from a severe case of hairfall & dandruff..and i was looking for tested home remedies like these…Thanks again!! I’m a big fan of all things natural & home made 😀
    will let you know how my hair fares after a couple of treatments with this remedy..
    and I so totally agree wid one of your comments that when we were kids we never bothered with any beauty treatments/cosmetics and never had any such problems…and now its a different story altogether…
    Just one ..will normal onions work as well??

  8. Hey somreeta jus a question to ask, instead of using the onion juice can use a large onion and rub it on my scalp ????? My mom does that for me…Which is more effective???Then after doing so she pours coconut milk on my hair…i don’t this very often so…I don’t know if this works….

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