How To Apply Cream, Liquid and Powder Highlighter

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I’m back with another post today! We would be talking about how to apply cream, liquid and powder highlighter. Highlighters are one of the hottest makeup products right now which brings out (highlights) your best features. Highlighter helps to add a shimmery effect on your face and gives a soft touch to the skin. By using a highlighter, you can make your brow bone, temples, cheekbones and bridge of the nose stand out. The angles on the face can be emphasized properly.
Well, one more thing about highlighter is it comes in three different forms. Highlighters are actually available in cream, liquid and powder form. The texture and the form of the highlighter are important to get the best out of it.
So here we mention you how to apply cream, liquid and powder highlighter.

How To Apply Cream, Liquid and Powder Highlighter

How To Use Liquid Highlighter:

Take a soft brush (with satin or natural bristles) and dip it into the highlighter. Now start applying highlighter on the face in ‘C’ shape which means you should start from the arch of your brow and come down towards the top of the cheekbones. You should avoid getting too close to the nose, as this area generally has larger sized pores and highlighter may highlight them easily. You should apply the highlighter in small strokes in order to blend it properly.

Liquid highlighters are easy to blend and hence it can be easily done using a brush. For those who have dry skin, you should prefer using a liquid highlighter. If you have oily skin, applying liquid highlighter can be difficult as it starts to slip off the face. Also, you cannot concentrate the highlighter on a specific area of the oily skin. It is best if you want a dewy and naturally bright looking skin.

Contour and highlight makeup

How To Use Cream Highlighter:

When it comes to cream highlighters, they are good to be used on all types of skin. It is generally a blend of cream and liquid highlighter together. Using cream highlighter looks more like using a concealer as it can make your face look perfectly contoured. Cream highlighters glow more on the face as compared to liquid or powder highlighters. Cream highlighters are extremely good for people who want to cut down on excessive shine or glow on the face.

In order to get the best results, take the stick and glide it over the area you want to highlight. Use your fingertips to blend the highlighter on the face and avoid using brushes. The warm of a finger can help to spread the finger seamlessly. Cream highlighters blend easily and hence you don’t need to take a lot of efforts while applying them on the face.

Woman applying highlighter with a fan brush

How To Use Powder Highlighter:

Because powder highlighters don’t mix so easily with the natural skin tone of the skin, you should take extra care while applying. Using powder highlighter can give you a sort of matte and powdery highlight. Take a fluffy brush and swipe on a decent amount of powder highlighter on the face. Now blend in the downward direction in order to highlight the cheekbones and make your face look slim as well.

Powder highlighters are known as the most potent highlighters which can be used for all type of skin. People with dry skin should avoid using powder highlighters as the powder may leave their skin extra dry. It will give you a matte finish and also prevent them from becoming greasy. Unlike liquid highlighter, it is much shinier and glossier than others.

Powder Highlighter

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