Hair Care for Gym Goers

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My boyfriend tells me to go to the gym as after leaving the gym I have gained some weight (Shall I kill him for that because he thinks I am fat? 😛 , do tell me). And I have one more thing to share with you lovely ladies. My birthday was on the 22nd of March 🙂 and I was more than excited about it. Well most girls usually are. I think that is enough of my chit-chat. Let’s talk about today’s post in which I am going to tell you all about hair care tips for those who still exercise and go to the gym 😛 unlike me!

Hair care for gym goers

When you go to the gym, you tend to sweat a lot. Because of all the excess sweating our hair feels weighed down and unclean and we wash our hair with shampoo and then condition. This cycle goes on and on. What you get in the end other than a fit body is dull and lifeless hair. Try these simple tips to make your life a little easy.

Prepare your hair for a workout

You change into gym wear; tie those sport shoes but what about your hair? Try using a dry shampoo on your roots before you head to the gym. It will soak in the extra moisture and will really protect the hair from excessive sweating.

Hair care for gym goers

How often should you shampoo?

We all know what too much shampooing does? It dries your hair and strips away your natural oils. Instead of shampooing your hair every time, you can try rising them in warm water and using cleansing conditioners. If you don’t have that available, baby powder or dry shampoo works well when applied on the roots. It soaks up all the sweat and oil while absorbing all the impurities.

Skip those tight rubber bands

I know it’s comfortable to just tie your hair tightly in a ponytail but what you don’t realize is they put tension on your hairline. It makes your hair prone to breakage which leads to hair fall. Apart from the ponytails, you can also opt for a high bun, a fishtail or a knotted braid. You can also tie your hair up with a cloth headband and use a wide headband to keep sweat from dirtying your hair.

Hair care for gym goers

Don’t use excess heat on hair

When you are exercising, most of the time your hair is in fragile condition. You need to take very good care of them. It is like an unspoken rule. Do not treat your hair to flat irons or curlers. They will only make your hair drier and prone to breakage. If you absolutely have to, then use heat protectant serums or sprays.

Brush them properly

You need to use a brush that gets knots and tangles out quickly without pulling on your hair. Ideal brushes are tangle teezers. These are all palm sized and are affective to use after hair wash.

Hair care for gym goers

About the sweat!

If you have to run somewhere and do not want to shampoo your hair and don’t have the time to shower, just blast them with a blow dryer. Run your fingers down your hair and blow dry concentrating on the nape of your neck and your hairline. You need to give only 10 seconds to each section and voila! You will have instant volume and better looking hair in no time. You can use serum afterwards too for that frizz or fly aways.

So ladies, these were the few tips that could be kept in mind if you are exercising. I hope I was of little help. 🙂

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