How To Make Light Makeup Base at Home: DIY

How To Make Light Makeup Base at Home: DIY

Hey girls,

This DIY is way overdue but I’m back with one, let’s see if my DIY game is still going strong. So typically on a good skin day,especially when it’s during the weekends, you’re either in a rush or you’re just a really lazy person like me, all you want to do is just throw on your moisturizer, sun screen and a base as foundation routines just take way to long to do. So instead of throwing a hog of makeup and your face or investing in a new makeup base, you can just create one. How? Read on then, you know you want to.


Step 1:
Get a concealer with good coverage and squeeze as much as you want into the container. We won’t be using any foundation, BB Cream or any type of base products, just a concealer. Depending on what type of concealer you’re using, the coverage can vary so get a high one if you want lots of coverage. We’re only using a concealer cause we want it to be lightweight with coverage included.

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Step 2:
Primer! Squeeze some in there too. We’re definitely going to make this long-lasting. And you know the drill with primers, use what works for you. If you’ve got dry skin, use a hydrating primer and if you’re dealing with large pores? Pore primers will save your life. I always say this and I’ll continue to, no matter what primers you use the results turn out the same.

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Step 3:
Your shield from the UVA and UVB rays, sunscreen! I’ve got a new one form Sunplay and it’s got SPF 60 PA+++ . I wanted to make this base watery and since this sunscreen is watery, hydrating and it’s also water and sweat proof, it’s perfect. And a plus is it has a whitening effect. Depending on your preference, you can use a sunscreen that is less or more watery. Reminder, SPF 30 and above is a box to tick for sunscreens.

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Step 4:
Mix it all up really good with a cotton stick and make sure all your ingredients come together and become one. Once you’re done, toss away the cotton stick and you’re left with your DIY makeup base.


This DIY base is super lightweight on the skin like how concealers normally are, it also offers great coverage. It’s hydrating and doesn’t leave my skin dry. Also, it’s easy to spread and blend to skin because of the watery-ness of this. It’s got a almost CC Cream like texture, except it covers up your blemishes and redness and it’s doesn’t look cakey. It stays on all day long and if you throw it on top of a good moisturizer, you can easily achieve a dewy look. Your skin will also thank you because of how light this is, your skin can breather and it’s great if you’re just running errands or popping in and out of shops.


I hope you girls like this DIY and I’d love to hear suggestion from you girls too! 🙂 Have fun and see you in the next DIY. 😀

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  1. It is a everyday practice for me to add moisturizer in winters to lighten my foundation and sunscreen+primer to make it light and durable in summers 🙂

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