How to Make Shopping Experience Fun and Wise

By Priya Bansal

Hello friends!

I know shopping always sets the mood for each one of us, but it turns boring and tedious if not done properly. And, trust me 25% of women in the world hate shopping! The word ‘shopping’ irritates them. Moreover, online shopping just turns their heads on fire. Hence, here are few tips for all of you to make a check on how to make your shopping more interesting, wise and fun.

How to Make Shopping Experience Fun and Wise3

Choose Your Partner Wisely

Yes, the first thing is to always select your best shopping partner. The one who can understand your mood, your likes and dislikes. The one who does never impose their decisions on you. The one who has better shopping sense. The one who has the knowledge of latest trends and knows what suits your body type. And, yes the one who enjoys shopping and not get irritated with time.

Go with A List

How to Make Shopping Experience Fun and Wise4

Prepare a list of items you wish to buy in the notes section of your phone or make a list on paper, of you like that. Yes, this would not let you regret after returning back to home that you forgot to buy that one important thing. Moreover, this will also save your time by not memorizing the items.

Start Healthy and Fresh

To stay fresh, always go for smoothies or fresh fruit juices in the market. This will allow you to stay  energized and also will help you to stay healthy. Drink as much water as you can to avoid dehydration.

Try Try Try!

For best, cheap and wise shopping experience, always try at different stores and stalls before you buy your thing. This will help you get the items at the lowest prices and also the best ones with variety of options in size and colors.

Make Sure How The Product Looks on You

Just because Kareena Kapoor looked stunning in that outfit, it will also suit you is not a good way to shop. Imagine, the same dress on your body and how you will be able to carry it. It is not compulsory to buy everything that’s in. You do not want to give that ‘wanna-be’ look by carrying off everything in the wrong way.

Be Careful During Sale Season

How to Make Shopping Experience Fun and Wise1

Sale – the biggest weak point of every woman! During sale season, all shopping malls are flooded with women who tend to buy non-required things just because they were available at a cheaper price. Friends, think twice before you buy anything. For a dress, think on what occasion you are getting it for. For shoes, with which dress will you wear them. Thereby, use your thinking power before making payment for it.

Am I Looking Fat? Is This Dress Too Short?

How will you wear that dress with confidence in public, if you cannot step out of the trial room right now, thinking you are looking bulkier. If you are stretching that dress down to your knees time and again, before stepping out because you don’t want to show much skin, where will the confidence to wear it to a party full of 100 people come from? Just brainstorm and take your decide to decide before buying anything – dress, shoes, accessories or makeup.

Enjoy It

How to Make Shopping Experience Fun and Wise2

Bargain with the shopkeepers! Yes, sometimes they also enjoy to cut down the boredom. Try wearing funky jewellery and taking selfies. Look around, what everyone else is buying and wearing and analyze. You will enjoy it.

Try Morning Shopping

The person giving bauni or first sale of the day, is considered lucky by the shopkeeper. Try going for shopping early morning and you might just get some great discounts.

Go Comfortable

How to Make Shopping Experience Fun and Wise

To flaunt your latest dress and heels, there are many occasions. Leave them for your friend’s party or night out! Wear comfortable kurti and leggings and flats for best experience. Always be prepared with your essentials if you are visiting a street market. It is very necessary to carry a water bottle, your favorite fruit, and an umbrella or a stole. Also, never step out without applying sunscreen.

Not A Date

Please do not go with your boyfriend until he enjoys it. It is not a date. Boys rarely enjoy shopping, they get irritated easily and most of the times end up fighting over some non-valid issues. So, go solo or with your girlfriends you can let you decide better.

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3 thoughts on “How to Make Shopping Experience Fun and Wise

  1. Haha the last point is so true and so are the others. Have got some really great stuff when i shopped alone too. That way you don’t get confused between what you like which your companion might not like. 🙂

  2. Good points Priya. But as for the last point, my hubby enjoys shopping more than I do. 😀 I prefer going with him as he helps in making decisions and in picking the shopping bags too. 😉

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