How to Know if Your Beauty Products Have Expired

The biggest problem with beauty and makeup products junkies is that once they get new products, they tend to forget their older ones. Using expired products on face may lead to various skin problems and you need to be aware about the expiration dates of your products. The key to know whether your beauty products have expired or not is to observe the changes in texture, and if you feel any, it might be the time to trash them!

How to Know if Your Makeup Has Expired5


How to Know if Your Makeup Has Expired2

Mascara is good enough for your eyes only up to 3 months from manufacturing. The base is liquid and you are guided to store it in a moist place, away from sunlight and this is true. Unfortunately, this becomes a favourable condition for bacteria to breed on the mascara, making it unfit to be used  on the eyes. Once you start seeing changes in the texture of your mascara – whether it becomes dry or clumpy, it is the time to trash it. Once it is expired, it starts breaking and losing its coat also.


How to Know if Your Makeup Has Expired4

Lipstick can stay good upto two years or more. Again, the water content in the lipstick used to keep your lips nourished and moisturised becomes a common breeding ground for bacteria. Lipstick starts changing its texture, starts breaking down and it sometimes even melts badly when it has expired.


How to Know if Your Makeup Has Expired1

Yes, perfume does expire. In fact, most of the perfumes remain untouched for a long period of time; they tend to change the smell and release some pungent one. This is because of the reaction of bacterial and microbial activities that have taken place in the water solution of the alcohol.

Body Lotions

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Body lotions are needed and used by every woman the most. Some are runny in consistency, while some are thick. Body lotion tends to release water once it gets expired. There is a change of consistency which also results in change in the smell too. When you pump out the body lotion, it tends to release a colourless liquid first. This is the sign which shows that the lotion does not deserve to be on your skin anymore.


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Although, there is hardly a moment when you see shampoo getting expired, but we might have some surplus ones untouched for longer period of time . Yes, they do expire after 2-3 years and they start changing the texture and colour of the base. Besides this, you get a pathetic unbearable smell of out an expired shampoo. Throw such shampoos away right now!

Nail Polishes

How to Know if Your Makeup Has Expired

The normal life expectancy of a nail polish is one to two years. While for some of them, these bottles are long time investments. When nail polish gets expired, it becomes too sticky and also breaks on the nail. Even if you apply three coats over your nails, they start melting down.

Eye Creams

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You must keep a check on products which you are going to use near your eyes since this is the most delicate skin on your face and calls for special attention. A normal eye cream should be used for 6-8 months and after which it starts changing its texture because of the microbial activities taking place inside the packaging. They are to be preserved in the refrigerator all the time and should not be used beyond eight months.

Lip or Eye Pencils

How to Know if Your Makeup Has Expired6

Lip pencils or eye pencils have long lives and they expire after 3 years. Regularly sharpening them and proper storage allows such products to stay fresher and useable for a long time. When the pencil has expired, you get to see white tip on the pencil which is nothing but accumulated fungus. Once you see the tip turning white, the pencils are not longer fit to be used on either eyes or lips.


How to Know if Your Makeup Has Expired9

A sunscreen can get expired anywhere between 6 months to what is imprinted on the product. They have highly water soluble base with UAB and UVB formula. When we open the sunscreen to be used, bacteria enters the liquid and then the reaction starts. Proper storage of sunscreens will ensure their long life.

Precaution is better than cure, So what did you find most helpful?

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