How To Make Tinted Lip Balm with Old Lipstick

How To Make Tinted Lip Balm with Old Lipstick

Hey friends,

How have you been? I have been on and off IMBB for certain reasons.  Anyway, today I am nervous and happy at the same time to share my first ever experiment in the form of DIY to reuse old/worn out lipstick.  Remember my baby broke off my most-loved L’Oreal Vagabond Mauve.  I searched its closest match but could not find none other than Sephora Sexy Game, but still, I couldn’t let go off my love for Vagabond and decided to recreate my own version.  So here I come up with an easy peasy method to reuse old worn out/broken lipsticks.  You guys inspired me to experiment with my vanity kit, looks, style and what not and hence today, I would share my two cents from whatever I absorbed and learnt from you all! Hope you will like my efforts.

How To Make Tinted Lip Balm with Old Lipstick

Stuff That I Used:

How To Make Tinted Lip Balm with Old Lipstick

1. Lipstick (I used L’Oreal Vagabond Mauve and NYC Pink Violet lipstick).
2. Lip balm (I used Fresh and Nivea lip balms).
3. Small pot to store the tinted lip balm.
4. Argan oil drops or any nutritious oil for added benefits.
5. Hair dryer.
6. Microwave safe bowl and microwave.
7. Heat-resistant bowl and stove (optional, in case you don’t have microwave oven).

I tried making lip balm using both stove top and microwave method and hence I will tell you how to make tinted balm in both ways:

Procedure (using stove top):

How to make tinted lip balm at home

1.  Keep a pan on low flame and then place a steel bowl on the pan.
2. Scoop out the lipstick and place it in the steel bowl, melt it on low flame for a few seconds.
3. Once the lipstick melts, add the scooped out lip balm and melt it on low flame.
4. Once both the lipstick and lip balm melts, mix both of them together to get the tinted lip balm mixture.
5. Take it off the flame and store in a small jar.

How to make tinted lip balm at home

How to make tinted lip balm at home

6. Now, add drops of argan oil or any other oil of your choice and use a hair dryer on a high-heat setting to set the final mixture while moving jar to avoid burning and melting of your plastic jar.
7. Once the mixture settles down, keep it in the refrigerator for half an hour and voila, your tinted lip balm is ready!

How to make tinted lip balm at home

How to make tinted lip balm at home

Procedure 2 (using microwave oven):

How To Make Tinted Lip Balm with Old Lipstick

1.  Scoop out your lipstick and lip balm in a microwave safe bowl and keep it in the microwave for 30 seconds.
2. Stir the mixture and again microwave for 10 seconds to melt it completely, adding drops of argan oil in between.
3. Once the mixture is ready, fill it in a jar and start blow dryer on high-warm setting to set the lip balm.
4. Put the jar inside the refrigerator for half an hour and your tinted lip balm is ready for use now!

How To Make Tinted Lip Balm with Old Lipstick

How To Make Tinted Lip Balm with Old Lipstick

This is my tried and tested method.  I have tried to reuse my loved lipstick and I am really happy to get my own version of Vagabond lip color.  Morever, I was unhappy with my NYC lipstick violet shade and hence I made it a tad bit lighter to make it wearable and suitable for my skin tone.  The best part is that it does not require any special skills or ingredients to create such a product.  Hope you liked my DIY.  Please tell me whether you liked it.  I am nervous and excited to hear from you all.

How to make tinted lip balm at home

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29 thoughts on “How To Make Tinted Lip Balm with Old Lipstick

  1. Good job neetu!

    And moreover nice shade…suits u so well

    Have done such things myself…
    But one bad part of such lip tints is that they settle in fine lines on lips!

    1. *thankyou* nazia.. so swt of u.. oh I have been using them very often and thankfully i did’nt noticed it, they don’t settle in fine lives. I used argan oil and lip balm more than lipcolor so may be it helped me to get softer smooth end results.. *happydance*

  2. Good idea neetu..I dont have any bad lipsticks to do this
    Hey post this idea in its talent day over der.

    1. *hihi* *hihi* mini I followed ur wish.. check fb its thr.. *hihi*
      *thankyou* dear so swt of u, always cheer up my spirits *happydance* *happydance*
      I had a necessity to create it.. n so i had to do it am glad results r awesome.. *happydance* *happydance*

  3. you did such an amazing job with this DIY neetu. 🙂 Infact you ended up making such a gorgeous lip color for yourself. Very good job! 🙂

    1. aww.. *thankyou* rati.. u made my day and this post worth trying.. *puchhi* *happydance* Thanx to team IMBB firstly for this post and inspiration.. *haan ji*
      U always boost up my spirits.. *puchhi*

    1. so sweet of u gal.. *puchhi* I truly missed my second home.. so happy to see u all here today.. *happydance* *happydance*

  4. Too good Neetu and you know the best thing you have done – you showed us both ways – the microwave and the gas stove methods…. *jai ho*

    1. Aww jomol.. *puchhi* I feel so blessed to be wid u all.. *happydance* *happydance* u always boost up my spirits.. Thank u so much for appreciating this work.. I feel so contented blessed n lucky to be an IMBBian.. *puchhi* *happydance*

  5. Very helpful tutorial! Nice pics as well, I can just save your collage to my phone if I want to know what to do!

  6. wow neetu. *woot* .u r just fab dear. *whistle* .such a wonderful way to prepare a tinted balm..i m surely gonna try it…. *thankyou* sooo much for sharing…

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