How to Stop Lipstick from Bleeding

How to Stop Lipstick from Bleeding

Dry lips, cracks filled with lip color and feathering lipstick is the last thing you want to see in winters or any season.Bleeding lipstick is the result of dry lips and the color migrates around the cracked mouth.

1.Apply a rich nourishing and repairing lip balm at bed time, let it sit and do its job so when you wake up and wear your lipstick, you don’t have to deal with dry lips.


2.When using a lipstick go for lipsticks with nourishing factors like shea butter and vitamin E so that they nourish while they add color.

3.always line your lips with a soft nude lip liner like the Lakme 9 to 5 shade in beige pink use this as a base for a moisturizing color to adhere to.This will prevent your lip color from bleeding.

lipstick application

4. Use a base like a long lasting foundation or concealer.Dab it on the lips lightly and then may be use your lipstick.


5.Another tip is to dab some concealer and then dust some look powder over it and then wear your lip color.

6.You can apply some clear balm, wait for it to settle and then may be after 15 minutes and wipe it off then apply some lip liner, let it set and then use a nourishing and moisturizing lip color.

7. Try to use long lasting lip color for special occasions only, long lasting lip colors tend to dry out lips.

8. Skip lip gloss on the lipstick, this will make the lipstick melt and bleed and migrate around the lips.

9.Before applying lipstick exfoliate the lips with a sugar and honey or balm scrub like this one.

10. You can also try using a hot towel to scrub your lips to get rid of the flakes.


11. Try a smudge proof lip liner to line the lips, take some time to outline and focus on the cupid’s bow.

12. Stay within the natural lip lines if you want to stop lipstick from bleeding.Outline on the natural lip line.

13. Do no swipe the lipstick in multiple coats which will melt and bleed.Stay within natural lip lines.


14.Take out time to fill in lip color on prepped lips with a lip brush, applying from the tube could get more layers.

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  1. I have pigmented lips. Whenever I try to fill it with a n*de lipliner or concealer followed by dusting some powder on it; then i put my lip color.. the problem is it forms various layers and after 2-3hours the layers turn very ugly and unmanageable some forms of patchy color. *cry*

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