How to Take Care of Hair After Cysteine Hair Treatment

Today, I will be discussing about the aftercare of Cysteine hair treatment. But, before proceeding to the aftercare, let me tell you what Cysteine hair treatment is all about.

Cysteine hair treatment is the herbal form of Keratin hair treatment, where minimal chemicals are used on your hair. Cysteine is a natural protein found in your hair and it makes about 40% of natural compound of your hair. Thus, with cysteine hair treatment your hair becomes less frizzy and the curls becomes much more manageable. Since it does not involve the usage of harsh chemicals, it is safe for your hair and also, it will control hair fall to a great extent. It is more of a natural smoothening treatment.

How to Take Care of Hair After Cysteine Hair Treatment

But, Cysteine hair treatment is not that popular and thus, there are many unsaid things about the Cysteine hair treatment. So, today let’s look at how to take care of your hair post Cysteine hair treatment.

1. Post Cysteine hair treatment, it is recommended to use Cysteine based serum. This is the best serum to be used on your hair and it will always elongate the life of your Cysteine treated hair.

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2. Avoid swimming at least for a month post Cysteine hair treatment. This way you can get maximum benefits out of Cysteine hair treatment. Chemicals in the water can damage your hair and thus, avoid contact with water after your hair undergoes a Cysteine hair treatment.

3. Try to avoid any chemical treatment after you have done the Cysteine hair treatment. This way your hair will remain much more healthier. You should avoid this at least for 3 months or so to get the best out of your hair.

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4. You are recommended to go for a spa treatment once every month post Cysteine hair treatment. This will improve and increase the longevity of Cysteine hair treatment on your hair.

5. Avoid using henna on your hair after you have done Cysteine hair treatment. Henna is extremely strong and can interfere with the Cystine hair treatment and it’s effect on your hair.

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6. Also, try to use specific shampoo and conditioner which your hair stylist or salon recommends. Because, after you have done Cysteine hair treatment, your hair might require quite specific products only. Thus, avoid using any shampoo or conditioner on your hair. Moreover, you should stress on using sulphate free shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

7. If you are the one who shampoos your hair daily, then avoid it immediately if you have done Cysteine hair treatment. Daily shampooing will strip off the natural hair oils and the effects of Cysteine hair treatment will also erase quite fastly. Thus, post Cysteine hair treatment, shampoo only thrice a week maximum and not more than that.

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8. It is said that Cysteine hair treatment lasts best only when your hair is virgin and untreated. So, if you want to obtain maximum benefits out of the Cysteine hair treatment, then keep your hair virgin post the treatment. Avoid using too many chemicals and treatments on your hair.

9. Any metallic dyes also need to be avoided post Cysteine hair treatment. This will take away the benefits of Cysteine hair treatment and thus, your hair will be back to its normal shape and size.

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10. Avoid frequent oiling post Cysteine hair treatment. This will cause product build up and thus, the Cysteine hair treatment won’t be much effective in that case.

11. Try to avoid using too many products on your hair, be it natural kitchen homemade products or commercial products. They will cause product build up on your hair. This way you will be able to increase the life span of your Cysteine hair treatment.

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  1. After 4 months post treatment will my hair again get back the frizziness and dryness.. or will the new growth be healthy and soft

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