How to Take Care of Your Hair in Winters

By Mansi Pincha

We all live a busy life these days, which leads to less time for ourselves. As winter is here we all need to pay extra attention to our hair. I present you all with some basic but important hair care tips you need to follow this winter. So let’s just check them out!


Use a conditioner


The conditioner is to hair what moisturiser is to our body. Skipping conditioner just because of laziness is something a lot of women do and it is not a good thing. Use a good nourishing conditioner and if you are feeling lazy just apply some leave-in conditioner. But please do not skip your conditioner. It really makes a difference.

Give your hair all the love it needs

Okay, so you do condition your hair after every wash; still, you need to indulge in a pampering session at least every month. Give your hair some extra love and go to your favourite salon for a spa this weekend and you will get the result instantly. Your hair will look shiny, nourished and healthy and you won’t be able to keep your hands off your hair. So this gives us our next point.

Use heat protectant before styling your hair


If you are not using any heat protectant you are causing great damage to your hair. The temperature of these styling tools like straighteners can go up to 180 degrees celsius and it is as dangerous as it sounds! Please make sure to use a good quality hair product every time before you style because it’s gonna act like a barrier between your hair and the styling tool.

Stop touching your hair

So imagine your hands are all dirty and then you touch your hair, so basically you are transferring all the bacteria from your hand to your hair. And now, that’s really gross. So please don’t do it. Also, when you keep touching your hair in public, it doesn’t look that good. It is better to change this habit for better hair care and for better personality.

Hair trimming sessions


Even I am guilty of skipping my trimming sessions. I just love long hair so much that I skip going to the salon for regular trimming altogether. But yes, we should all get our hair trimmed at regular intervals to keep the split ends away. Also, if you use styling products often, then you must trim your hair, else the split ends would look like straw.

Your hair loves oil

Oils are great for your mane, be generous when using them. I know more oil means more shampoo which eventually leads to drier hair. But you know you can avoid the dry feeling by using a little less shampoo. Oils are rich in nutrients and all things good. Find what works for you the best and use it twice every month at least. This will nourish your roots and make your hair strong and shiny!

Give your hair a boost of nourishment by DIY masks


Every week or every alternate week, all you can do is apply either egg or any other secret recipe you have to your hair. My personal favourite is using a mixture of curd, honey and glycerin. I have really dry hair so this mask really makes my hair all soft and shiny. You can also just rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar after you are done with shampoo and conditioner. It really makes a difference.

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