All You Should Know About Cysteine Hair Treatment

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Cysteine hair treatment is one among those treatments used to treat dry, wavy, curly and many other types of hair. Due to various hairstyling abuses, your hair starts looking so dry and can be termed as hay hair by anyone. To make them look healthy and shiny again, there is a treatment called Cysteine hair treatment which claims to bring back the original healthy texture of your hair. So, let’s find out more about Cysteine hair treatment.

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Cysteine and Its Effect
Let’s be frank and true to this! Cysteine hair treatment is considered as semipermanent at best. While you might have heard about keratin treatment before, here is the treatment with cysteine. However, several hair professionals state that Cysteine works better than keratin and any other treatment! Overall, Cysteine provides a safer option for those looking for straighter tresses. Everyone, even pregnant women, can use this formaldehyde-free hair-straightening treatment.

How Long Does This Treatment Last?
The treatment lasts up to 3 months; as earlier said, it is semipermanent.

Who Should Opt for Cysteine Hair Treatment?
People who have gone through various styling treatments and have ended up with rough, dry and dull hair should surely try this. Those who have gone through various chemical treatments should also try the Cysteine hair treatment as it helps to strengthen the hair roots and also adds shine. It keeps the hair well in place and hair are much easier to maintain as it cuts down excessive frizz and dryness. It brings back all the shine making your hair much healthier, protecting hair from any further damage.

Steps and Effectiveness
According to professionals and beauty experts, Cysteine hair treatments contain only three products which means it would end up in three steps. This does not take much of time and also cost a little less than other treatments. So, let me explain what is actually done during this treatment!

1. First of all, your hair is washed thoroughly to remove any dirt or buildup. Also, you are not allowed to go with oily hair to the salon! If at all your hair is oily you will need two or three initial shampoo washes which will consume your time, and make them charge you more for extra work. Then the hair is blow dried and allowed to rest for 20 minutes.

Defabulous Hair Products

2. Next, a hair cream, which is usually Amazon Series Cysteine Complex Smoothening Cream, is applied on the hair section by section and the same procedure is continued till the hair cream is applied to the whole hair. Generally, the cream is not applied to the roots of your hair, and so one inch from the roots is left. It is done so that the cream doesn’t make the roots go soft which eventually may result in hair fall. The hair is then wrapped with a clear plastic film and it is made sure that the hair does not have any folds or creases.
3. After half an hour, the semi-wet hair is taken section by section and with the help of a hair straightener, hair is dried. After this, hair is washed. For this De Fabulous Hair Repair Shampoo, De Fabulous Hair Repair Conditioner, and Amazon Series Acai Oil Treatment are used. The products are also recommended to be used regularly for a period of 3-4 months.

Cysteine treatment is one of the safest hair treatments in the market with excellent results. If you are unsure about how it will react, go for a patch test first!

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It depends upon your hair length! Just for an example, Rati’s hair length will charge you somewhere around 6,000-8,000.

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  1. Is there any side effects of this cysteine treatment,, means after 3 months of this treatment how hair will be look alike??

  2. Please don’t misguide people. Before and after photos for cysteine you’ve provided are a complete joke. Cysteine only leaves the hair extra smooth and tame down frizz by 40% maybe which one can achieve by applying egg & olive oil hair mask. Then what’s the need to splurge so much. There are no changes in the appearance of hair at all. My hair are still as wavy as before. Infact now they look weird as the waves are not falling neatly. Some of the locks are bent inwardly, some outwardly and the after-hours is not at all neat, at least not worth spending ~10 K. I had a huge fight with Envi.
    Better go for smoothening.

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