How To Reduce Hair Fall in Winter – Do It Yourself

How To Reduce Hair Fall in Winter – Do It Yourself

Hello Ladies,

Winter is a lovely season, isn’t it? I guess everyone likes winters, but as the weather comes, my hair turns dry and hair fall increases and I guess many of you might be facing the same problem like mine, but you girls don’t have to worry as I have come up with a hair oil made at home which makes hair soft, shiny, reduces hair fall and thickens the hair by regular usage.  A year ago, I had sudden increase of hair fall and had lost much of my hair from front and my scalp could be seen and it looked like I was 30+ 🙁 Researching on the net and experimenting, this mixture of hair oil gave me best results and today I would like to share with you all how to make it.

How To Reduce Hair Fall in Winter Do It Yourself


  • The things you need is an empty and clean bottle to store the concotion (I have taken an empty bottle of Clean and Clear Face Wash).
  • Castrol oil 30 ml.
  • Olive oil 20 ml (I have taken extra virgin olive oil).
  • Amla oil, that’s Indian gooseberry oil 25 ml (I make the oil and store it, you can use any amla oil available in the market).
  • Coconut oil 25 ml.

Shelf Life:

6 to 8 months (store in a cold and dry place, away from sun rays).


First, take an empty bottle and pour 30 ml  of castor oil.  Castrol oil helps in regrowth of hair and it also thickens hair.

Castor Oil

Then, pour extra virgin olive oil about 20 ml.  Olive oil moisturizes hair deeply, from root to tip.

Coconut Oil

Pour amla oil about 25 ml.  It helps in keeping hair naturally black and also keeps grey hair on bay.

Finally, pour coconut oil about 25 ml, as it nourishes hair and helps in growing the hair long and healthy. Coconut oil is a complete food for your hair and scalp.

Amla Oil

This is how the oil looks in the bottle.

Hair Oil

Give it a good shake and you can apply this oil.  For best results, apply the oil evenly all over your scalp and hair and massage nicely.  Keep the oil for at least 3 hours and then wash it off and you will not even need to condition your hair.

If you have very dull hair and dandruff problem, then you can try this. Take a little amount of the above oil in a small container and heat it a bit, add a little amount of lemon juice, mix it well, and apply all over your scalp and hair and massage for some time and leave for 3 hours, you can wash it off after that and you will have shiny and dandruff free hair.


Its a bit difficult to remove castor oil from the hair, as you have to wash your hair with a shampoo at least 3 times.  So, if you are a lazy person, then you can lessen the quantity of castor oil or apply the oil just once a week.  I hope you all liked this DIY.  If you have any other way of reducing hair fall, please do let me know.

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  1. to remove castor oil from hair try lemon juice, apply 10 minutes before washing hair and u dont need to use lot of shampoo.

  2. Yes kalyani i am a guju but i am from manglore. I get that sharbat every time i go to rajkot that i can put on ice ceam and eat. 🙂

    1. grate the amla and sock in coconut oil and keep for two days and heat it till the amla in oil turns brown, wait the oil to cool down and separate the oil from amla and there you have the amla oil which ill come for you latest a yr.

  3. hey!will surely try this n let u know,really i was too happy the moment i read ur article,from so many yrs i myself too facing the same problem now i hope i will come over this problem

  4. Ohh lovely. Recipe for amla oil please Kinjal….Kinjal are you Gujarati? I remember using a cooling gujju oil called “RaaL nu tel” as a kid…do you know what it is?

  5. Hi Kinjal,
    M new here. Great article, very informative. Can u tell us how to make amla oil at home. As I can see many readers too have asked for the same. Please do share it with us.
    Take care.

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