7 Important Tips to Follow to Get Thick and Dense Hair

I’m back with another post and today we would be talking about important tips to follow to get thick and dense hair. Before I start with the article, I would like to wish all of you a very happy new year. Hair loss is one among the common problems every one of us suffers from. As hair is one of the most important assets which helps to improve one’s appearance, taking care of them is really very important. Most of us end up dealing with brittle and thin hair which is generally due to emotional stress, hormonal problems, diet issues and many other things. Instead of spending large chunks of money to get thick and dense hair, you need to follow these steps.

1. Look for Natural Ingredients in Shampoo

Most of the shampoos and conditioners contain chemical in it which can lead to brittle and extremely thin hair. Opting for shampoo and conditioners can lead to additional hair damage like brittle and limp hair. In order to get thick and dense hair, you should opt for a shampoo which contains no chemicals in it.

hair fall black seed oil

2. Avoid Using Harsh Hair Dye

Most of us are badly obsessed with using hair dyes, as it can help to improve our hair appearance in respective to colors. Every one of us loves to color our hair, but the after effect of hair coloring can be really devastating. You should avoid using harsh hair dyes on hair as it can weaken the hair roots, thus leading to hair fall. In order to maintain thick and dense hair, you should opt for vegan hair color.

3. Opt for Protein Masks

Opting for good home treatment is another way to get thick and dense hair. Your hair is made of keratin and hence, you should provide the proper amount of protein in order to strengthen the hair. Eggs are full of proteins and vitamins which can help to strengthen the hair, and also add shine to your hair. Make an egg mask at home and wash off with warm water.

4. Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is another easy and important way that can help to give you thick and dense hair. You should use natural oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil, jasmine oil, olive oil etc. to massage your scalp, so that it provides important proteins and nutrients to the scalp. You should heat the oil and make sure it is slightly warm while massaging the scalp. Wash off after one day or 8-10 hours.

5. Onion Juice is Important

Application of onion juice is very important when it comes to getting thick and dense hair. You should extract some onion juice and mix it with coconut oil and yogurt. Apply this mixture to the scalp and leave it for an hour. Wash off with lukewarm water after some time. This is a cheap remedy with so many benefits. It not only promotes thick and dense hair, but also helps to leave you with shiny and smooth hair.

6. Potato Juice

Another home remedy that can help to give thick and dense hair is opting for potato juice. Potato contains vitamin B, A, and C which is extremely healthy for hair. Extract some potato juice and apply to the scalp. Wash off with lukewarm water. Use shampoo and conditioner for best results. Opt for this remedy twice or thrice in a day.

7. Flaxseed

Do you know flax seed is an excellent catalyst that can help to promote thick and dense hair? Yes, flax seeds is an excellent ingredient which can provide the right amount of protein to your hair. You need to soak some seed in 1/3rd cup filled with water and leave it overnight. Now, collect the flax seeds and boil them in water. Soon you can see the gel-like consistency. Now, switch off the flame and allow the gel to cool down. Apply on the scalp and wash off with water.

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