7 Important Skin Toner Tips to Improve Your Skin

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Hope everything is fine at your end. Today, I am going to talk about some important toner hacks that each one of us should remember. Most of us use toners on a daily basis but fail to realise that there are certain dos and don’ts. Skin toners remove excess oil and makeup from the skin. Toners also help to unclog the pores, thus giving you baby soft and supple skin. Read more to explore these toner hacks.


Place it in the refrigerator


You should always place your toner in the fridge for 20 minutes before application. Placing your toner in the fridge will prevent swelling or skin inflammation. In fact, it will provide a calming sensation to your skin. Another way is to freeze some toner in an ice cube tray. You can take out one cube at a time and gently tone your skin with it.

Right way to use a toner

You should use your toner only and only after you have thoroughly cleansed your skin. Take 2-3 drops of a toner on a cotton pad and wipe it on your face. Make sure that the cotton pad does not absorb too much of the liquid and is able to transfer it to your skin. Also, swipe the cotton pad on your face, neck and décolletage. Don’t forget to apply a little pressure while doing so for best results.

How often you should use a toner


Do not overuse your toner as it will pull away all the moisture from your skin. If you have oily skin, you should be using a toner two times a day. If you have dry skin, avoid using too much toner. In fact, women with dry skin should use toner only once, i.e. at night.

Toner on elbows and knees

In order to help with streaking, you should use toners on elbows and knees before you use any self-tanning lotion. Using a toner before lotions helps to neutralise the skin tone and ensures that the lotion is applied smoothly and evenly. Applying a lotion directly traps the dirt easily, hence you must use a toner beforehand.

To brighten up your skin

To add that extra glow to your skin, make sure that you apply the toner on your neck and back of your hands. Cleanse your face with a toner and apply a gentle moisturiser. Do this quick and do not give dust the time to settle on your skin. This will keep your skin clean and healthy.

Use a spray bottle


You should always be using a spray bottle to apply your toner. Toners are light and cotton pads lead to wastage. Hence, transfer your toner to a spray bottle even if it comes in a normal bottle. This will spread your product well on the skin and prevent wastage.

Remove blemishes with a toner

To help with blemishes, take a cotton pad, soak it in a toner and place it on the affected area for one to two minutes. The active ingredients found in toners help clear out the blemishes and marks. Any toner with aloe vera gel, essential oils or natural fruit extracts can be used to remove blemishes.

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