Indian Maharashtrian Bridal Special

Indian Maharashtrian Bridal Special

Hi All!

As requested by you all, I am back with a post on my wedding saree. While I was thinking about it, I thought why not make it a wedding album. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you gushing about every detail. I will just stick to the outfit and jewellery aspect of it. Here we go.

Haldi Ceremony:


Please ignore the dead pale look on my face. I was just one month out of hospital after a small surgery. I decided to wear something very light for haldi due to two reasons, 1. I was still very weak and 2. My family has a tendency not to leave any single exposed part of the bride’s body devoid of haldi. So, I chose this contemporary tusser silk saree in yellow, with some red and blue.

Haldi jewellery

I am wearing a chanderi dupatta called as “Shela” in Marathi. It is a very specific dupatta manufactured by the Chanderi weavers of MP. I searched for it high and low, but was told that they have stopped manufacturing it due to no demand. Finally, I got it ordered from Chanderi.  I am wearing traditional Marathi neck piece called “putala.” Its sort of like laxmi haar as seen in temple jewellery, but different in a sense that the gold coins are woven into black thread overlapped with gold reshim thread. The nose ring or “nath” that I am wearing is again a very old piece that was passed down by my mother. Its a very traditional Marathi jewellery piece.

Haldi decor

I did my own makeup for haldi as I knew it was a waste of money to hire a professional. I would have been covered in haldi by the end of the evening!

Saree from : Ranjana boutique, Baner road. Pune
Jewellery : Family hirelooms.

Sangeet Ceremony:

Sangeet saree

Sangeet saree 2

I had to attend my Sangeet ceremony immediately after haldi. So, I kept my makeup minimum. Just tinted moisturiser, blush and smokey eyes. The saree I wore for the event was a super light Khaddi georgette Banarasi saree my father chose for me. I accessorised with simple emerald and pearl chaandbali and maangtika.

Saree : from Kasath saree shop. Karve road Pune. (They will gauge your knowledge of sarees before they start showing you their more unique and rare pieces. Otherwise, they just roll out regular pieces).
Jewellery : Hyderabad.
Shoes : INC5
Make up : Nars Orgasm blush, MAC tinted moisturiser, NARS eyeshadow in black with Hashmi Kajal. On lips – MAC Fanfare lipstick.


As mentioned in my previous post, I wore a carrot colour Uppada saree for my wedding, something that my Baba chose for me. I am blessed with a family whose men have an excellent taste in handlooms and textiles.


I specially made the dull gold tissue dupatta from net tissue Banarasi fabric. It is lined with tissue pipping and golden ribbon.

Wedding updo


Wedding jewellery

Again, traditional Marathi jewellery piece called “Thushi.” It was made in Kolhapur, which has the only remaining artists who can make these dying designs. The second neck piece is a Laxmi haar from south India. It falls into Temple jewellery format. It is made out of coins embedded with goddess laxmi images. The haar was a gift from my husband. The green bangles I am wearing is the traditional Marathi “chudaa.”  Each bangle is handmade. It is always brought from Kolhapur after being blessed by goddess Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur.


The jhumkas I am wearing, are a rip off of a Tanishq design. Tanishq have huge making charges. So, I got it done from my family jewellers in Pune at a better rate than Tanishq. The kamarband is pure silver which my mother got polished in gold to match my saree. It is heavy, again an antique find from our jewellers along with the huge Payals (not visible). I finished off with my favourite nose ring!

I love mogra and jasmine, so I did the traditional bun and loaded it with mogra gajras.  Tip: if you have a established family jeweller, ask them to keep an eye out for desperate sales. Mine always calls us if he comes across any such piece that cannot be replicated.

Hope you enjoy this post.  Loads of love.

Outfit of the Day: Blue One Shoulder Tunic and Cropped Leggings
Outfit of the Day: Silk Top and Beige Skirt with Trench Coat
Outfit of the Day: Printed Tunic with Brown Accessories
Outfit of the Day: Nail Polish Print Top with Black Quilted Jacket
Outfit of the Day: White Top and Red Pencil Skirt
Outfit of the Day: Perfect Red Pants and Black Heels
Outfit of the Day: White Jeans and Flat Glitter Shoes
Outfit of the Day: Abstract Print Playsuit
Outfit of the Day: Houndstooth Print Dress
Outfit of the Day: Black Top and Golden Skirt
Outfit of the Day: Pink Ruffle Top and Burgundy Pants
Outfit of the Day: Coral Blazer with Casual Jeans
Outfit Of The Day: Minty Fresh Sunday
Outfit Of The Day: Zig Zag Hem Top and Jeans
Outfit of the Day: Tank Top and Linen Pants
Outfit of the Day: Floral Pants
Outfit of the Day: Blue Pants and Pink Peep-Toe Heels
Outfit of the Day: Blue Kurti and Silver Kolhapuris
Outfit of the Day: Subtle Colors and Classy Look
Outfit Of The Day – Pink Blazer and Grey Jeans
Outfit of the Day: Comfy T-Shirt and Charm Bracelet
Outfit of the Day: Casual Look
Outfit of the Day: Semi Formals For Work


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    1. Thank you Neha! Fitness routine? At that time I had lost 10 kilos due to my ill health. Now I control my food intake. I never eat anything beyond 7 p.m in the evening and I have do 30 suryanamaskars each day.

  1. You are sooooooooo beautiful *whistle* *woot* ….loved you in that green saree… you look stunning in those pics *preen* i love your dimples yaaa.. soooooo cute *happy dance* …i wish i had them too *waaa* *haan ji*

  2. saeeeeeeeeeeee ! kiti chaan ga ! thanks a lot .
    i showed your last ‘traditional saree’ post to my mom . she too liked it.
    i am like ‘ i want to look like saee at my wedding ‘.
    A please tya make up professional cha contact number de . i am searching a good make up professional for my wedding.
    also , ( if you dont mind ) please give me your mail id , so that i can stay in touch with you.
    i so liked your wedding get up . mmmmmmmuaaaaahhhhhhhh

  3. Simply Gorgeous!!!. And the transformation from the traditional look in the haldi ceremony to the Sangeet outfit is simply unbelievable. You look so different. Loved the green saree and your makeup. Amazing pictures.

  4. Hi Saee…..would start by saying that you look gorgeous and I am awed by the extensive knowledge you have about sarees and jewellery *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* and I am glad you too think that Tanishq’s making charges are exorbitant. I am a jewellery enthusiast, loved seeing your traditional jewellery. *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho*

    1. It’s true isent it? I mean Tanishq has some beautiful designs *drool* but their making charges make cry! *cry* All my jewellery knowledge is thanks to my family. Who love conserving and collecting traditional jewellery.

      1. Wow Saee……would love to see more of your jewellery. Tanishq’s sleek designs call out to me, but the making charges….. *cry* *cry* *cry* *cry* *cry* *cry* *cry*

  5. awww saeee it was suuuch a beautiful post. The happiness totally showed on your face. My fav is that green silk saree. I totally loved the color and the ease of it. You look gorgeous swetheart. STay blessed and happy ALWAYS> *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi*

    1. Lol Nausheen! Actually I was very nervous about weird facial expressions in my wedding photos, so I just smiled all throughout not giving the photographer any opportunity to get a funny face *hifive*

  6. Wowww wowww wowwww!! No words to say.. You look super pretty, beautiful, gorgeous and wat not?! *clap* *clap* *woot* *woot* *woot* I love all ur sarees and jewellery, especially the green one – you look like a super model in it :*

    1. *puchhi* thankyou LaxmiPriya! I was that figure 1.5 years ago as I was just recovering from a surgery. The doc did tease me at that that time that my BMI at that point was at the most ideal! Now I have gained a few kilos *headbang*

  7. U are simply gorgeous..da glow on ur face is sooo beautiful..nd you look like a supermodel in da green saree.. *whistle* ..i saw your ootd post on imbb fb page.nd i was like who is dis gorgeous actress?? *clap*

  8. Really pretty saris. You look beautiful.. and more importantly.. looks like you are having a looot of fun, and not going all bridezilla n stressing out 😛

  9. Looking so beautiful in all the pictures Saee and loved the jewellery. Nath doesn’t look good on me but you look stunning with it. Keep these wonderful posts coming.

  10. Hi Saee,

    Just loving all ur sarees… Ur looking sooo pretty.
    Can u tell me where can I get Uppada silk saree in Pune or Mumbai?

    1. Hi Pallavi. Thank you so much for your comments. You can get good Uppada sarees at Kasath and Vama in Pune. But you have to be very particular when you ask them to show the Uppada. Vama on Laxmi road has the best collection.

  11. You dad has awesome taste, Saee! That green saree is beyond gorgeous…you look amazing! 🙂
    Can you please provide more details about the jewelry (the chaand bali and tika with this sari) I want it! 😛

      1. Dudeeeeeeeeeeee …I’ve been so darn busy *ghost* …hopefully will have some free time starting May!
        Btw,,,yay!!! smilies are back *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. Thank you! Will convey your compliments to my baba *clap* . I got those chaandbali and maangtika at a random shop in Hyderabad. Its actually quite a common design and you get different colours in it too.

  12. saee i too want more info on chaand baali and maang tika . also want to know if its in silver or gold and price 🙂

    1. It’s sooo gorgeous, isn’t it! I’ve been looking for the same type of jewelry EVERYWHERE! I should have known I’ll spot it on IMBB 😀

    2. Preeti and Devie. Mine are pure gold and pearls. But you do get similar in silver with gold plating in any reputated Pearl shops in Hyderabad. They will fall into the price range of 2000 to 3000 depending on the detailing.

    1. Hi Abhinaya! Yup !I have a permanent tattoo on my back *haan ji* . It’s a rising phoenix. I love it too. Thank you so much for your comments. *puchhi*

  13. Very very pretty pieces of jewellery.u look stunningly gorgeous in ur wedding pics 🙂
    Loved loved loved the red uppada sari 🙂 do u remember the lipstick shade u wore with the red sari?

    1. Ashwitha *puchhi* *thankyou* . Sorry I don’t know the lipstick shade as the makeup was done by a professional. *powder*

  14. Saee you are looking gorgeous. And I loved that your Baba chose your wedding sarees. Even my Baba chose my wedding saree. I am a Maharashtrian and Pune is my hometown and I had a typical maharashtrian wedding. You made me remember my wedding.Thanks for such a lovely post and Keep smiling 🙂

  15. wow….sundar, Aprateem!
    Awesome Pics and outfits Saee. I love sarees too. Jewelry not so much, but your jewelry makes me drool!

    Love the sangeet saree.I generally find benarasi sarees gaudy. But this is super! Must visit Kasat

    Where did you buy your wedding saree? Its grand and lovely too.

    Shall await more posts from you

  16. Lovely post Saee…you look beautiful in all the pictures. The happiness is seen glowing on your face.
    I would like to know where you got the flat gold bangles worn on your wedding day from?? I’ve been searching for it, but no luck.
    Keep the posts coming!!

  17. Varsha! *thankyou* . I got my wedding saree from Vama, laxmi road. Pune. I had got it specially commissioned. It took 4 months to reach in my hands. Was worth the wait *preen*

  18. Looking very pretty Saee..The yellow ashtaputri saree is really nice! Vama definitely has the best collection! Have u ever tried Pratima silks off tilak road? They too have a nice wedding collection and have pieces u seldom see anywhere else! probably like kasat excl near Karishma!

    1. Thank you Gayatri! I have never checked out Pratima silks. Will do it the next time. Actually I had no time to plan and shop for my wedding due to my health. Thats why had to shop in Pune. Normally I directly go to the Weaver s and buy my sarees.

  19. Hie saee,
    so good to see your post again… i loved all the looks… I was out of town for some work and came back today.. checked IMBB and saw your post.. *oye balle*
    I your last post i urged to meet you and you said you are a army wife. i am soo happy to tell you that i come from a army background (baba was in army). i kept roaming too. and would be getting married to a army officer in sometym (hmmm may be 2 years (*scared* )..
    Now you are more dear to me.. *puchhi*
    hope you read this comment of mine…

  20. Hi Saee, I look gorgeous!!! Could pls share the details of the makeup artist who did ur makeup n hair on the wedding day. Thanx n have wonderful married life 🙂

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