Innisfree Moisture Lip Treatment Review

It must be evident by the several lip balms that I try and review that my biggest skin concern are my dark and pigmented lips and the dryness they suffer from. I hoard lip balms because most lip balms that I have tried are not hydrating enough for me and barely add any moisture to my lips. I have tried lip balms from most of the drugstore brands and Korean brands and still keep hunting for the ultimate lip balm that can satiate my dry lips.

Innisfree Moisture Lip Treatment Review

Product Description:
Camellia oil and shea butter work their magic on dry, chapped lips via this Moisture Lip Treatment from Innisfree. Apply on lips after cleansing and sleep it away to awaken with baby-soft lips again.

Innisfree Moisture Lip Treatment details on the packaging

My Experience with Innisfree Moisture Lip Treatment:

I have used a bunch of skincare products by Innisfree and so far, they have not disappointed me. I have tried a few lip balms from this brand and so far, they have not fascinated me, but I still want to give a few of them a benefit of doubt and try them and form an honest opinion about them. The lip balm in this review impressed me upon the first application, but my appreciation faltered as time progressed, will tell you why.

Innisfree Moisture Lip Treatment slant tip

The product comes in a tube packaging with a slant tip for easy application. The tube has a very basic appearance and serves its purpose well. The product has no fragrance because it most likely contains fragrance-free heavy oils. It has a heavy, mineral-oil texture and I prefer that over petroleum jelly texture. This can be a disadvantage for some but since my lips do not enjoy petroleum-based products, I prefer the texture of this lip balm over the other drugstore lip balms.

Innisfree Moisture Lip Treatment open

This lip balm lasts for an hour or two and when it vanishes, it leaves lips a bit dry and not as hydrated as I had hoped for. It adds a shiny layer to the lips and can be used as a skincare step only.

If applied underneath a lipstick or a lip liner, it will cause the lipstick to slip and ruin the application. If applied on top of a lipstick, it will cause the color to spread and transfer. This lip balm comes in a single variant, but there is also a lip scrub from the same range, which I will review soon. Most lip balms disappoint me a bit because they don’t offer enough moisture to my lips but this one has fared better than most. I wish it had longer staying power.

Pros of Innisfree Moisture Lip Treatment:

  • An affordable lip balm, comes in a tube packaging, which keeps it hygienic.
  • Has no fragrance which works great for me.
  • Does not have an unpleasant taste (in fact this lip balm has no taste whatsoever).
  • Perfect for those who shy away from petroleum-based products.

Cons of Innisfree Moisture Lip Treatment:

  • With Korean products, availability can be an issue for some (there are third party sellers’ who sell Korean brands).
  • It adds a layer of oil upon application, but it vanishes in a couple of hours and does not add long-lasting moisture.
  • Can be used only as a skincare step but not underneath a lipstick because it will cause the product to slip.

Do I Recommend Innisfree Moisture Lip Treatment?
I do recommend it to all those who regularly wear lip balms and love to hoard them but not to those who need long lasting, extra hydration like me.
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