Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion Review



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The sun is beaming, and the hot, humid temperature makes its presence felt as soon as you step out of your air-conditioned office, all of which only point to one thing— summer has arrived. With the scorching sun reaching our skin and the heat making our sweat glands go crazy, it becomes a part of the routine to find a soothing treatment for our skin. Not all body lotions are heavy and slick. There are a few that absorb into your skin instantly. When compared to body oils and butters, body lotions do a better job of retaining moisture when massaged into your skin, without feeling heavy on the skin.

Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion Review

INR 900

Product Description:
·A hydrating body lotion with the scent of jasmine that cherishes the elegance of white flowers in full bloom
·Inspired by the nature of Jeju Island.
·Delicate and rich fragrance adds pleasure to your body care.
· A formula of natural surfactant to give greater moisture to your skin

Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion Details

How to Use:
After shower and wiping off water, add an appropriate amount onto palms and softly smooth over entire body as you massage
1. Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use
2. Always recap after use
3. Use as quickly as possible after opening

Packaging: All of the Innisfree body lotions have similar packaging with flower signature signs attached at the front of the product, and because this is a jasmine scent, you can see jasmine flower sign. You can also see the Innisfree brand engraved at the front of the cap and the backside of the bottle provides all the details regarding the product. I love the packaging of this body lotion because, it is a solid bottle and so it just doesn’t open easily just in case you want to take it somewhere and put it in your bag.

Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion Packaging

Texture: The texture of this lotion is light and runny, but not at all greasy. What I like about using this product is that it does absorb fast into your skin. When I’m in a hurry, I use this body lotion before I go out and it blends it in a jiffy without any tackiness around my arms, feet, and all around my body.

Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion Cap Open

My Experience with Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion:

It’s May already and we all know that the temperature is going to get worse in coming months. The blazing heat outside calls for a lightweight moisturizer and this moisturizer is extremely light on the skin and it gets absorbed into the skin within seconds. It blends into the skin and thus it is very comfortable to be used by oily skin during summers.

Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion Nozzle

It does genuinely smell of all the elements jasmine, but surprisingly the fragrance vanishes after 1 hour or so. Personally I don’t like this fragrance of this lotion, it’s quite irritating and overbearing. Initially the fragrance was so strong, and after a while there was no discernible scent. It does hydrate the skin but the effect lasts for merely 3-4 hours.

Pros of Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion:

  • Lovely packaging.
  • Lightweight texture.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Absorbs quickly.

Cons of Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion:

  • The fragrance doesn’t last long.
  • Nasty smell.

IMBB Rating: 3.9/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Lotion?
No to both. This body lotion hydrates the skin for a while. Apart from that, I don’t see any miracle happening to my skin.

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