Innisfree My Body Daphne Body Cleanser Review

Summers are all about buying body washes and then enjoying your bath so that you feel fresh throughout the day. Also, it’s important to smell nice as you tend to sweat a lot because of the heat. This season I bought Innisfree My Body Daphne Body Cleanser and I feel it works pretty well for the price. Let’s read on to know more about it. 

Price: INR 750 for 300 ml
Product Description:
A refreshing body cleanser with the scent of sensual and seductive white daphne that you feel at the end of winter.

Inspired by the nature of Jeju Island. Delicate and rich fragrance adds pleasure to your body care.
1. Abundant and dense bubbles filled with the fragrance of Jeju Island
2. A formula of natural surfactant to give greater moisture to your skin
3. Clean

How to Use:
Pour an appropriate amount onto bath sponge or bath towel and create lather to massage onto entire body. Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.
I love the packaging of this one. It is quite simple and perfect to store in the washroom. This is basically a plastic bottle with an easy flip open cap. You can easily dispense the product out without any wastage. Product related information is provided on the packaging. You can see the quantity of the cleanser left as this is a see-through bottle.

My Experience with Innisfree My Body Daphne Body Cleanser:

I have already used one-third of the cleanser and all I can say is that I am really enjoying it. From the second I open the cap, the fragrance fills my entire washroom. The cleanser is quite gentle and mild. It lathers up well and you can easily spread it all over your body. I love the delicate and sensual fragrance of this cleanser. This fragrance is quite different from other cleansers.

The fragrance lingers for some time, which is a nice trait of this cleanser. Still, I wish it stayed for a longer period of time. The cleanser leaves my skin quite clean and moisturized. I avoid body lotions during summer, hence right now I do not need one. But in winters, you’d have to follow up with a lotion for added moisture. It gives a cooling sensation to the skin, which feels refreshing during summers. All in all, this is an amazing cleanser. You can definitely give it a shot and try other amazing variants from this range.

Pros of Innisfree My Body Daphne Body Cleanser:

• Smells really fresh.
• Fragrance isn’t overpowering.
• The product lasts really long.
• Perfect for summers.
• Provides a cooling sensation.
• Leaves the skin clean and moisturised.

Cons of Innisfree My Body Daphne Body Cleanser:

• Wish the fragrance stayed a little longer.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Innisfree My Body Daphne Body Cleanser?
Yes. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I would like to try more variants more this range now.

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