Facial Wipes War: Estonia Refreshing Facial Wipes vs Kara Cleansing Wipes

My normal make up removal routine includes using the Himalaya deep cleansing milk or almond oil with a cotton swab and then cleansing my face as well. I know it sounds like a lot, but I’m a stickler for a squeaky clean face! However, now that I’ve started work, I’m too lazy for all of that. So I’ve been experimenting with makeup wipes. I bought three different kinds – two from Kara and one local wipe called Estonia. Instead of just doing a plain old review where I write about them and you sort of have to take my word about how good or bad they are, I’m also going to show you how well they work. Facial Wipes On my hand, I have a thick black line drawn with the Biotique kajal and a brown line drawn with my mom’s old Lakme lipstick (no idea which one that is!) which I made three times – once for each wipe. Let’s first consider the

Estonia Refreshing Facial Wipes (Rs. 45 for 25 wipes)

Estonia Wipes I picked these up randomly in a local CRS store. Below are pictures of how it removed the make up off my hand!



Estonia Facial Wipes
1st swipe with estonia wipe





Facial Wipes
2nd swipe with estonia wipe



My take on Estonia Refreshing Facial Wipes:

  • As you can see, it isn’t effective at make up removal at all unless you want to scrub the make up off your face really hard!
  • It isn’t harsh on the skin at all.
  • It is a really refreshing cleansing wipe but only if you haven’t got any make up on. It cools the skin without any sort of tight feeling.
  • It doesn’t leave a film.

My rating? :star: Would I repurchase? As a make up removing wipe – no way! But I do have one of these in my bag for those hot summer days when I want to wipe the oil and grime off my face.

Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes

(Approx Rs. 40 or so for 10 wipes – I bought it ages back and the price sticker came off!) Kara deep pore wipe I bought this specifically for make up removal as the SA promised me it is super effective. Below are pictures of how it removed the make up off my hand!



Kara deep pore wipe
1st swipe with Kara deep pore wipe





Kara deep pore wipe
2nd swipe with Kara deep pore wipe



My take on Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes:

  • As is clear from the pics, it takes two-three swipes to remove all the make up off my face, even my mascara.
  • It isn’t harsh on the skin.
  • It leaves a slight film on the skin which doesn’t give that 100% clean feeling so I splash my face with water after using this.

My Rating: :star: :star::star:+0.5

Would I repurchase? Yup. I don’t have to scrub to get the make up off, I just have to run it over my face a few times which isn’t bad at all.

Kara Make up Removing Wipes (Rs. 95 for 25 wipes)

Kara make up remover wipe These are made especially for make up removal, so I was most enthusiastic about using these wipes! Below are pictures of its effectiveness in removing the kajal and lipstick off my hand.



Kara makeup remover wipe
1 swipe with Kara makeup remover wipe



My take on Kara Makeup Removal Wipes:

  • It is surprisingly great at removing make up – one swipe for my entire face and two-three swipes for all my eye make up.
  • It isn’t harsh on the skin.
  • It leaves a heavy oily film on the skin – yuck! It takes a lot of effort to wash it off – so I guess that defeats the purpose of the wipe.

My Rating: : star:: star:: star:

So here you go – Kara Deep Pore Cleansing wipes win the wipe wars! πŸ˜€ But after all this experimentation, all I can say is that while wipes are a temporary measure for make up removal on lazy days, they can never substitute a good cleansing milk!

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38 thoughts on “Facial Wipes War: Estonia Refreshing Facial Wipes vs Kara Cleansing Wipes

  1. Lovely post Ki.. πŸ™‚ Thnx 4 d suggestions.. i was also thinking wich one of them wud b d best n here u hav Totally cleared my doubt! πŸ™‚ Thnx alot!

    Bt wanted to ask u abt d cleansing milk.. Himalaya is gud? or do u hav any othr suggestion? I hav a normal skin..

  2. For some reason I don’t use makeup wipes. I just keep a pack of tissues with me and they do the job well. Guess I must start with Kara atleast. πŸ˜›

    Oh I remember, I once used Himalaya’s wipes and never repurchased them. They were not even bad.?:-)

    Loved the little demo thingy. πŸ™‚

  3. ha ha war!
    ya i have tried the kara ones too
    all except the sun screen ones
    even my inlaws loved that aloe or chamomile one …dont rememeber in a white and blue pack….because they smell so good

  4. I use facial wipes for long days out in summers but never used them to remove makeup…I guess tht job is better left for the cleanser

  5. I had used some fresh one swipes ages ago and they did dry my skin completely out and they were also scented and gave me rashes. I will try the kara ones Ki…..I always wanted to know what others were using in terms of freshening their faces up in summer season….thanks so much Ki….right review at the right time πŸ˜€ . Loved the demo………………. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Ki…have u used the fresh ones wipes…even the Johnson’s baby wipes that I use to wipe my baby’s bottom do a great job as a wet facial tissue….try that one too….its very mild…… πŸ™‚

  7. hi ki i hv used sm wet tissues, bt they tend to leave a strong smell that lingers 4 a long time which i found v irritating. πŸ™ does these wipes too cm with a distinct smell????

  8. Nice post Ki…You solved my major problem…i’m gonna get it soon….
    Wanted to ask whether it reacts with the skin…I’ve got very sensitive skin….and I react to almost everything under the sun….actually even the sun at times…hehe..
    .-= Pavitra´s last blog ..Life….like I’ve seen it! =-.

  9. i use wipes after a workout but don’t use them to remove make up. somehow i find them very wasteful for that purpose and i don’t feel a 100% sure that my face is make up free. yeah i’m quite finicky.

  10. hi i am working 4 grasim industries(kara wipes)..this was one of the best feedbacks i have got on the product :yes: ..i will communicate the problem ..maybe something can be done abt the oiliness in make up removal wipes

  11. Hi. Really liked your review. Are these wipes freely available in cosmetics outlets like Health and Glow? How about departmental stores like Big Bazaar or SPAR?

    Also, how effective are sunscreen wipes from Kara?

  12. Thanks ki. Nice review! The kara wipes remove make up effectively but they do leave an oily film behind. So I normally end up using a cleanser after using these wipes. But they are great while travelling. I usually have a pack on me for this.

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