Jovees Rehydrating Face Pack With Shea Butter Review

Jovees Rehydrating Face Pack With Shea Butter Review

Product description:

“Jovees Rehydrating Face Pack” Contains Wild Fruit Enzymes And Precious Herbs That Help To Nourish And Rejuvenate The Skin, Provides Requisite Moisture, Helps Make Skin Visibly Glowing And Fairer. An Excellent Recipe For Normal To Dry Skin.

Skin type: Normal-dry skin


Hello girls..

How’s everybody doing today!! I am doing well but the only thing that’s a huge bummer is the heat 😛

But anyways before I say anything else let me wish a very happy ‘baisakhi’ to all of my IMBB family members..And to those who are from my native land of Bengal, “Shubho Nabobarsho”!

The heat has a huge impact on our body; especially our skin and hair. It’s always recommended that we drink plenty of water to keep our bodies hydrated. Hence, I was looking for a face pack that would be hydrating on my skin and would add as an external supplement for the gallons o f water that we need to drink. And finding such a product wasn’t that difficult. I bought the rehydrating face pack from Jovees.
I am sure most of you are aware of this brand, well-known for it’s herbal based products. This face pack had rehydrating written all over, and believe me that’s what I was looking for, and the “fairness” part comes a lot later.


Jovees rehydrating facepack-wild fruit enzymes with shea butter comes in a soft transparent tube , with a white translucent screw-cap. The color of the pack is same to that of the fuller’s earth(refer to the photos). The fragrance is a very natural one ,but a bit strong but that doesn’t really sting the nose as it isn’t chemical-like, it’s more on the herbal side.

Price: INR 135

Weight: 100g

Shelf life: 3years

Usage: Apply A Thick Layer All over Face and Neck .Leave It On For 15-20 minutes .Wash it with water, Use Shea Butter Moisturizer after removing face pack.


Active ingredients: Shea Butter, Mulberry Fruit, Grape Fruit, Papaya Enzyme, Jujube Fruit.

My experience with Jovees Rehydrating Face Pack With Shea Butter:

This is the first product that I am using from Jovees. I had heard many good words about this brand before. It’s a great product at such an affordable price. My skin is normal to dry and this product has been welcomed with warmth by my skin. Although it does sting a lot, few minutes after the application, but the stinging sensation slowly goes away. It is infused with the fruit extracts, shea butter, and we all know the benefits of these two on skin, and in addition, it also has wild flower extracts. It does hydrate the skin like crazy and makes it feel soft and supple. It leaves your skin with a cooling effect. However it does not give the fairness it claims to give. Although the face looks bright and glowy right after washing the mask off and makes the skin look and feel fresh but these results do not last longer, it’s very temporary in nature. A perfect face pack to feed your skin with during the summers.


Pros of Jovees Rehydrating Face Pack With Shea Butter:

• Herbal ingredients
• Hydrates the skin immensely
• Gives cooling effect
• Soothes the skin
• has the goodness of fruit enzymes and shea butter
• makes skin feel and look fresh
• herbal fragrance
• Widely available
• Inexpensive
• Decent quantity
• Travel-friendly pack
• Doesn’t take too long to dry up (5-10mis)


Cons of Jovees Rehydrating Face Pack With Shea Butter:

• Stings a little bit immediately after application
• Doesn’t give prolonged fairness as claimed

Would I recommend it/repurchase it: Yes, I do recommend it to everyone. Perfect for the summers

And yes I would repurchase it again.

Rating: 4.8/5

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