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Hi girls!
I’m here with a product from the girliest brand – Juicy Couture!
Like I earlier said in my review, my aunt got me the Couture La La EDP from Canada and I fell in love with it. I recently spotted the same as a body lotion and couldn’t resist buying it. Read on to know whether it was worth it or not.

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Price :
Supposedly $45/₹2,979 but I got it on an international site on sale for $19/₹1,258.

Description & Claims:
A little punk rock, a lot of free spirit. She’s classic Juicy, unexpected, daring and always couture. Like the color pink, she is perfection. She is Couture La La.
Juicy Couture ‘Couture La La’ blends bright sparkling mandarin with bold white florals for a fragrance experience that captures the essence of femininity and daring allure of the unexpected.
Experience Couture La La with this Juicy Couture Couture La La Body Lotion.
Couture La La by Juicy Couture possesses a blend of Mandarin Orange, Green Apple, Red Currant, Lily-of-the-Valley, Orange Blossom.

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My Experience with Juicy Couture Couture La La Body Lotion :

Fragrance – Let’s start with the most important thing; the fragrance. I love it because it’s exactly like the one of the EDP. It has a sweet mix of floral and fruity scents along with hints of citrus scents. It’s a little strong so people with sensitive noses won’t like it and I would totally advise you not to use it along with the EDP, if you have both because the scent will be too strong for you to handle.

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Packaging – The packaging, like the scent is exactly like the one of the EDP. It has a mirror-like finish box containing the name and ingredients of the lotion. The lotion comes in a tube form in 200 ml covered in metallic rose gold with ‘Couture La La’ written in Neon Pink over Juicy Couture, just like the box. The tube is sturdy and may not be travel-friendly due to its chunky size.

Staying Power – The staying power of the moisturization as well as the fragrance is truly commendable. It stays for a minimum of 4 hours and even after that re-application isn’t a must. How cool is that!?

Texture – The lotion is white in colour and is not too runny or too thick. Actually the texture is in between (just the way I like it). A little amount is enough for an entire forearm (refer swatch picture) which is actually awesome because that means a little of the lotion goes a long way. It is also packed with fragrance and moisturization that you wouldn’t need a second drop for anything. The cream is non-sticky, non-greasy and non-creamy. It also gets absorbed quickly and it feels like I haven’t applied anything like a lotion on my hands.

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All in all, I’m totally happy with this treasured product! 😀

Strengths of Juicy Couture ‘Couture La La’ Body Lotion :

  • Sweet, floral and citrus-y scent.
  • Makes hands silky soft.
  • The fragrance lasts for a really long time.
  • The hydration this lotion provides is awesome.
  • Non-greasy, non-sticky and non-creamy.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • The texture is not runny neither is it thick.
  • It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly.

Flaws of Juicy Couture ‘Couture La La’ Body Lotion :

  • Very expensive.
  • Some people might find the fragrance to be too strong.
  • Shelf life not mentioned.
  • Uncertain availability in India.

The fragrance is exactly that of the EDP but I would not suggest using them both at the same time as the fragrance will be mind-numbingly strong then. The moisturization and fragrance are top notch and the best part is that it’s not at all greasy and still makes hands soft and smooth (I can’t stop touching my hand!!!). It’s a must buy only for the hydration and fragrance combined together, but then I guess that’s the point. Go for it if you’re getting it on sale.

IMBB Rating :

Would I Recommend Juicy Couture Couture La La Body Lotion?

Would I Repurchase Juicy Couture Couture La La Body Lotion?
No as this will last me for a long time.

Hope you found my review helpful 🙂 Thank You for reading!

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  1. I wish I had an aunt like yours 🙁 Anything that comes in a gold packaging screams my name 🙂 So can’t wait to try this out….

  2. JC’s products are on my bucket list. They just look so attractive that I would not throw them even if I end up hating them.

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