Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Color La Ravissante Review, FOTD

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Color La Ravissante Review, FOTD

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Color 32 La Ravissante is a peachy coral color. It has super fine golden shimmers, which are not very obvious. They just add a hint of sheen to the color. Although the texture, the staying power, the feel, the comfort, and the texture are exactly the same as the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Color La Fascinate. (Detailed review HERE) The pigmentation is not as great as the red lipstick of the same range. I have to go over a few swipes of La Ravissante to bring out the true color on my lips and also get that full coverage. It stays almost 6 hours on my lips and after 3-4 hours it starts looking like a stain. The stain looks pale peachy kinda color and it kinda washes out the color from my face.
chanel rouge allure velvet lip color

The original packaging is exact same as the Rouge Allure lipsticks :

Price : Rs 2,000

rouge allure velvet

The 4 shades in the sample lip palette are :

  • 38 La Fascinate : A deep neutral toned red
  • 37 L’Exuberante- : A hot fuchsia pink
  • 34: L raffinee: Mauve pink
  • 32 La Ravissante : Orangey peach
    chanel rouge allure velvet lipstick

chanel rouge allure velvet lipstick la fascinate

I like to pair it with a bright orangey or a peach blush so that y face does not look completely pale once the lip color sort of fades out. However , the best thing is that the color fades evenly and does not look patchy.

I see this shade working on light skin tones more than medium or dusky ones.

Swatch (2 swipes of the color):

la ravissante 32My attempt at taking a lip swatch.

chanel rouge allure velvet lip color la ravissante

And here is how it looks on me. 🙂

chanel rouge allure velvet lip color la ravissante fotd

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Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Color La Fascinate Review, FOTD


81 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Color La Ravissante Review, FOTD

          1. kyon?? give it a shot. you’d like these. Not like coco shines. These have loads of color / pigment. not creamy creamy kinds bt i feel you’d like :puchhi:

    1. thanks parita. No that’s not. 😀 You are the second person who has asked me that. I guess may be it does look like a real gold.. :preen: :preen:

  1. :dumb: :dumb: :dumb: :dumb: Kitna sundar hai!! So sweet looking! :love: I wish I could have it. :methinks:
    But I’m scare of the part that “washes you out” 😐

    1. hehhe you were so keen on seeing this. 😛 It gets quite light after 3-4 hours bt if some people prefer it, it’s quite a pretty color overall. 🙂

      1. And now I’m keen about owning it!! :drool:
        And yes,I know a few girls who prefer that. :haanji:
        And Rati,go look at myreply on neha di’s mua wala post..the new(?) way of wearing lippies as tints…I want to know whether I really have stumbled upon something great (read: worth boasting about)
        :hunterwali: :huh:

          1. Achhaa?! Then I want that! :toothygrin: Because I can’t have this. :waiting:
            Is it as peachy as its name? :dumb:

  2. I Love this shade – btw how different are the Rouge allure Velvet formulations from the regular Chanel Rouge Allure ???

    I think I know what my next make up pick shall be 😉 😛

    1. J doo.. 1. staying power. it stays on like super long. :waytogo:
      2. texture- these have velvetty matte texture. rouge allures have the creamy finish..atleast the ones i have used so far. :silly:

  3. wowww.. Rati.. u look amazing.. and i dont think this lippie make u washed out.. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: .. u look pretty in every liipppee.. :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  4. Rati I liked the red better on u 🙂
    This looks cute too, but I can imagine that it’ll wash the color from ur face when it fades..
    I also wanted to ask u what eye makeup to do with red lips ?:)

    1. I mostly keep my eye makeup very simple with red lips, ramya. Either it’s just the eye liner opper lash line and nothing on waterline. In las fascinate, I applied a wash of shimmery light browns all over the lid, lined my eyes with black gel liner, kohl on waterline and mascara.

      depends on what kind of look you like on yourself. Bt I’d say keep the eye makeup simple since red lips color speaks a lot for itself. 🙂

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