Kara Face-Care Refresh Wipes with Aloe Vera and Mint Review

Kara Face-Care Refresh Wipes with Aloe Vera and Mint

Hello beauties,

Facial wipes is one important thing that we use almost daily to just freshen up or remove the make-up and all. Kara is one of the leading brands in these wipes so I always pick them up. This time I saw a very new packaging of kara wipes and these were infact bigger in size and many of the interesting things written on it convinced me to try these. I think these are newly launched ones and far more better than those kara wipes that come in different coloured packaging. They have added some more features to the wipes which I am madly in love with.
Let’s move on to the detailed review.


Price: Rs 65 for 20 wipes ( I got it for 50 bucks yipeee..!!)

About Kara Face-Care Refresh Wipes with Aloe Vera and Mint

Kara refresh facial wipes ensure effective cleansing to remove dirt, excess oil and grim from the face and neck and also leaves a lingering fragrance. They are enriched with aloe vera for skin nourishment, mint oil for effective freshening and are made from Birla CelluloseTM, a fibre that is 100% natural and biodegradable.

Directions for use:

• Slowly peel the front label
• Pull out a wipe
• Reseal the front label
• Open and unfold wipe
• Thoroughly wipe face and neck
• Discard wipe after single use


My take on Kara Face-Care Refresh Wipes with Aloe Vera and Mint

Kara is my favourite brand in terms of these facial wipes. So far it is the most reliable brand. All of you might have seen and even used those coloured packed kara wipes with different fragrances. This is an upgraded version where they claim to clean, hydrate, nourish and deodorize at the same time. Although the price is same but the difference is that this pack is double the size and double the quantity as well. The earlier version had only 10 wipes and this one being the same price has 20 wipes. So I was really very happy when I saw them. The packaging is quite different and attractive as well. The seal open thing is transparent so looks a little sophisticated. The instructions are given at the back on how to use it. Simple pluck it, wipe and throw but they have just described in an elongated way. The wipes are white in colour and big enough to clean the entire face and neck area. Infact what I noticed was that these wipes are more wet than the other kara wipes. And if you use it after refrigeration, the feeling is damn amazing.

I came home from college and removed one wipe to clean the make-up leftover and all the dirt. I use my clean and clear cleanser at night only because of high alcohol content. So simply I plucked one wipe and my mom and my bro were sitting quite away from me and the fragrance is so good and happening that it reached their noses and they were like “what did you just pluck out of the packet? Give us one each as well”. There faces were pretty clean because they were home only but still the smell attracted them to use one. The smell is like the liril soap and smells fresh mint which is just amazing and revives your senses. The smell lasts for an hour on the face as well.


I have not put in the swatches as it removed the bb cream and everything in just one go and for the liner I swiped it twice or thrice and it was gone. My face looked very clean and brighter. No dry feeling and as they said the face was very hydrated. It did nourish my skin and left an appealing smell, so all the claims were very true. The skin felt really soft and there was actually no need to wash the face. I love these wipes and I recommend it to everyone reading this post.

Pros of Kara Face-Care Refresh Wipes with Aloe Vera and Mint

-Cheap as compared to earlier versions of kara wipes
-The earlier version of these wipes were sold for the same price for 10 wipes and I got 20 wipes in this pack
-Attractive and sophisticated packaging
-Amazing smell which revives your senses and lasts for an hour
-It cleans and hydrated the face so well that you will not have to wash your face after using this
-All the claims were true
-Handy to carry and they are best friends at the time of urgency
-Easily available in beauty stores and online as well
-More wet as compared to the earlier kara wipes versions


Cons of Kara Face-Care Refresh Wipes with Aloe Vera and Mint

-Absolutely none!!

Will I repurchase/recommend Kara Kara Face-Care Refresh Wipes with Aloe Vera and Mint ?

Yes of course, I am going to buy it again as there are far more better than the other kara wipes in all the fields. I would recommend everyone using kara wipes to switch to these new ones as they will do a much better job.

Rating: 5/5

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    1. It is awesome Shilpi *happydance* *pompom* much better than the the kara wipes *happy dance* do try you will like it for sure *announce* *puchhi*

  1. i always love the refreshing smell of kara wipes, it instantly refreshes me specially when i return home in a fully packed local after a hectic outing *hihi* *hihi*

      1. Exactly Neha *shy* i have the same feeling *happydance* although the ones which i got jojoba and avocado, they did not have that good smell thats why i said this is far better… the smell is amazing *happydance* do get them *happy dance*

    1. Me too love kara wipes Rati di *happydance* same pinch *hifive* infact kara are the only wipes i use *announce* do try these,they are very very refershing *woot* and your most welcome *jalwa*

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