Khadi Face Freshner Mint and Cucumber Review

Khadi Face Freshner Mint and Cucumber

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khadi face freshner mint cucumber
Okay, so back to the review. Today its about a face freshener from Khadi company.
Product Description: Freshens up the face by removing dirt and cleaning pores. Active herbs like neem and basil protect the skin from germ and makes skin soft and fresh instantly.

Price: Rs. 80 for 100 ml

Ingredients: Mint cucumber water, Basil leaves, Neem leaves, Wheat germ, Rose Petals, Base QS
How to use: Spray on your face, wipe off after 30 seconds with cotton or towel.

My Experience with Khadi Face Freshner Mint and Cucumber

This is a face freshener I got from Khadi. It is made up of completely herbal products and contains ingredients like Basil, Cucumber water, Mint etc which are essentially good cleansers.
The face freshener or the cleanser comes in a spray bottle which is easy to use. Just spray the water on your face, wait for about 30 seconds and wipe it off with cotton. It surely removed dirt and other impurities on face and makes your fresh look fresh. Also, the cucumber and the mint in the spray give a cooling feel.
I like the product as it comes with no chemicals and zero side effects. Also, it is not drying in nature. It brightens up the face or maybe that’s the illusion every cleanser gives for a while. I use it every morning and I must say I really like it. It is quite economical too. Every morning when I use it I also wipe off the excess oil around my T-zone with this.

I would also say that it is a very useful product for working women in summers as it has ingredients that are good for skin in summers and it can be easily carried to office as well.

Pros of Khadi Face Freshner Mint and Cucumber

• Made up of herbal ingredients
• Contains ingredients like basil, cucumber, mint and rose which are good as a cleanser and as a toner
• It works both as a cleanser and as a toner
• Affordable
• Removed grim and dirt from face
• Smell is mild and mint(y)
• A must have product for summers

Cons of Khadi Face Freshner Mint and Cucumber

• Nothing major

Overall Recommendation: I would recommend it to everyone.

Rating: 4/5

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37 thoughts on “Khadi Face Freshner Mint and Cucumber Review

  1. I dont find khadi products here in bangalore except for the soap and shampoo. Can somebody help where I can find other products here in bangalore?

      1. Face mist can be used on top of make up, or any cream.. Its really cooling and freshens up the skin.. It kinda softens the make up.. U shud try it Surabhi 🙂
        But does this face freshener sort of remove the make up when sprayed on face?

  2. nice review surabhi 🙂
    Archana i think you can find it in mantri, nt sure though.. I remember seeing in some mall in bangalore, bt nt able to recall where exactly 🙁

  3. I totally like khadi products. The only thing that worries me is the mysterious base that they list in their ingredients list. Love facial mists for summers. I totally stock on the fab india ones. his one sounds super refreshing. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the review, Surabhi. 😀 I never knew about this Khadi product. Can it be used as a toner too?

    1. JW.. I dunno if it can be used or not but I do not have any doubts on its usability as a toner.. it has ingredients that are great for a toner so I think maybe you can use it as a toner..

  5. helloo Surabhi
    wowww it’s tanda tanda cool cool fr summers na
    wil get it 🙂 🙂 yippie
    have been luking fr such a product

  6. this sounds so good. words like mint, cucumber and all sounds only refreshing. I can just feel it as i write..there i go all enthu abt another product..*sigh*,

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