Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic Review

These days I am focusing a lot on skin care and hair care, and investing more on these as compared to makeup. I had picked up 3 Khadi products at a go: Khadi Apricot Oil, Khadi Woody Sandal and Honey Shampoo and Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic. I have been using the tonic for some time now, and now I am ready to share my opinion on it.

Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic Review

Price: Rs. 310 for 210 ml

Product Description:
Khadi Natural™ Henna Thyme Hair Tonic when applied regularly, this unisex Hair Tonic from Khadi will help in preventing premature greying and will condition your scalp and hair. This deep conditioning will keep away dandruff and help in getting rid of all the irritations caused by dry scalp. It can also treat damaged hair to bring back its natural luster and soft texture.


My Experience with Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic:

Packaging: Like all other Khadi products, this hair tonic comes in a transparent cylindrical bottle with a flip open cap. The cap shuts with a click and ensures zero product leakage. The tonic is brownish in color, and thus you can easily see the level of product left. Overall, a simple fuss free but convenient packaging.


It has been ages since I have used a hair tonic or scalp tonic. So tempted by the natural ingredients, and troubled by flakiness and mild itching, I resorted to Khadi hair tonic.
The biggest advantage of this tonic is that it is water based. The orange-brown fluid is runny in consistency, and thus is ideal for being absorbed quickly. You can feel the cooling sensation on your scalp as you apply it. It is relaxing and calming, and ideal for application at night after a long stressful day. It doesn’t make hair limp or oily, and if you apply it in lesser amounts you might even skip shampooing next morning.


It has reduced my hair fall, though I am not sure if any hair growth is stimulated by it. In winters, I was having abnormally high hair fall, mainly due to breakage and dandruff. This tonic took care of my scalp, and though I don’t think it is that effective on severe dandruff, mild flakiness is easily sorted by this.
My scalp seems better conditioned and itchiness has stopped. I like the non-greasy formulation as it works for me, and my hair seems to love it.


Though not a must have, if scalp and hair problems plague you, you might find a savior in Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic.

Pros of Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic Review:

• Fuss free convenient packaging.
• Natural ingredients.
• Non-greasy water-based tonic.
• Cooling sensation on scalp.
• Reduces hair loss.
• Itchiness and scalp problems solved.
• Affordable.

Cons of Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic Review:

• Not sure of hair growth claims.

IMBB Ratings: 4/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic?
Yes, it is good for all seasons to keep hair woes at bay.

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  1. Relaxing and calming – I am also gonna get it, Ahana. Haven’t bought any product by Khadi in ages. I also get hair fall during winters but then it subsides after a while.

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