Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder Review

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I had picked up a few Khadi hair care products recently. I have been trying them out for one month now. Today’s review is going to be on the Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder. I don’t like to comment about anything before I get to use them properly. I have tried this product in various ways to understand its benefits. So, here’s my opinion on this hair care product by Khadi 🙂

Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder

Product Details:
Shikakai has been used in India for centuries as hair wash and hair conditioner. It cleans hair, prevents itchy scalp, and conditions hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Shikakai does not strip hair of its natural pH value leaving hair soft and clean at the same time.

How To Use:

Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder

INR 190/- for 150 gm.

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Acacia Concinna (Organic Shikakai Powder).

My Experience with Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder:

I always prefer organic products.  My hair has become so dry, also I have hair fall issue. So, I like to skip chemical-based shampoos whenever I can and love to make my own shampoo. This organic powder is quite affordable and is in good quantity.  Khadi Organic Shikhakai Powder comes in a stainless steel tin. The tin is strong and a bit heavy. Inside the can, there’s a sheet of paper with all details like directions to use, etc. The powder is packed into a plastic packet. Overall, the packaging is totally hygienic. This steel tin can be used to store any other pack once you finish the shikhakai powder.

Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder

This powder smells very organic, it’s not an artificial smell.  The powder is light brown in color, and I don’t think any artificial colorant is added to it. The powder is of fine smooth texture and gets dissolved into warm water completely. It’s really easy to make a paste out of it. I have used it in various ways. I like to add some warm water into the powder and make a warm paste out of it. Also, I have tried mixing it with reetha and amla powder. After making the mixture, I apply it on my wet hair and scalp. I keep it for 5 minutes and then massage to create lather.  After that, I wash my hair with plain water and leave your hair to air dry.

This powder doesn’t work that well as a herbal shampoo.  When applied in a reetha and amla mix, it takes a lot of time to lather up. I do not get that clean feeling with this. It has not dried out or irritated my scalp. It does not add shine or softness to my hair. It makes my hair limp.  I have an oily scalp, and it does not clean my hair properly. My hair looks lifeless after using this.  So, my conclusion is that it would not work well as a hair cleanser. It has not aggravated my hair fall issue.  I would not consider using this powder as an alternative to my regular shampoo. I like to apply oil in my hair overnight and wash it off the next morning.  But when I try to wash the oil off with this powder, it does not clear off the oil.

Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder

But I love it as a hair pack.  It makes the amla pack potent.  Shikakai helps control my hair fall. It does not make my hair rough or frizzy. It does not add any shine to my hair. As it is a herbal product, you cannot see changes immediately. With regular use, I have noticed less hair fall.

Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder

Overall, it can be used as a hair pack in combination with other natural ingredients like egg, honey, amla powder, etc. The best way to use is to mix the three powders (amla, reetha, shikhakai) together to see best results.  Using this powder on its own does not benefit the hair at all..

Pros of Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder:

  • Affordable.
  • Dissolves easily in warm water without any lumps.
  • Does not dry out my scalp.
  • Works well as a hair pack when used along with other potent ingredients like egg, honey, etc.

Cons of Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder:

  • Does not lather well.
  • Cannot make hair soft and silky like shampoo.
  • Does not add any volume to the hair.
  • Cannot remove oil from hair.
  • Does not impart any shine to the hair.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Khadi Organic Shikakai Powder?
If you want to use this as a shampoo, then definitely this is not a good buy.

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  1. Actually you have to make the paste with boiling water too and leave it at least for 10-15 minutes. Mine was produced in Germany and that’s what the German instructions say. Maybe it cleans your hair that way 🙂

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