Kleancolor Bell of the Ball Matte Bow Tux Matte Shadow Palette Review

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I picked up this palette from Kleancolor as I lacked matte eyeshadows in my collection. It seemed like a good palette to me at that time, let’s see if it met my expectations or not!
Kleancolor Bell of the Ball Matte Bow Tux Matte Shadow Palette Review

$5.99 (without shipping and customs)

Product Description:
Arrive in style with KleanColor’s Eye Bow-Tux Matte Shadow Palette.  These crease resistant, highly pigmented, multi-colored, smooth matte palettes are the perfect accessory for any type of formal, festive occasion.  These fun, bowtie-shaped palettes come in a variety of colors to help create that perfect long-lasting, day-to-night look.


My Experience with Kleancolor Bell of the Ball Matte Bow Tux Matte Shadow Palette:

Packaging: This palette comes in a rather unusual shape of a bow. It looks very cute but takes a lot of space. One good thing about it is that it is sleek. I would’ve liked a mirror with the palette, but it doesn’t provide any. The details about the product are mentioned at the back. The clear case allows you to easily pick the palette without having to open it and see. It is travel-friendly.


Colours/Pigmentation: As mentioned in the description, the palette offers a range of colours that would suit day and night time looks. The palette is neatly arranged with the daytime shades placed at the left side and night time shades at the right side. But, you could always mix and match. The pigmentation is on the lower side, hence the need for an eyeshadow base arises. The left side of the palette has nudes and pinks while the right side of the palette has greys and blacks.

Let’s get to know the shades a bit properly, starting with the left side:

left side

• This is a peachy nude shade which I use on my lids for setting the base so that the colours would pop more.
• I would describe this shade as the palest of the pale pinks. It hardly gives any pink tinge on my skin hence, I use it for my crease area.
• Next up is an orangey-nude shade that shows true to the colour. Hence, this too goes in my crease to define it even more.
• The fourth shade is a bright pink and the most pigmented shade among the pinks and nudes.
• The fifth shade is a very pretty mauve-brown shade. I love this shade a lot but the pigmentation is very poor.
• The last shade is a pinky-mauve shade. Again, a very pretty shade.

Now let’s know the shades from the right side of the palette:

right side

• This is a proper white shade which can be used to set the base of the eye shadow.
• This is a white colour with a hint of grey in it.
• The 3rd shade is a light grey shade
• This is cement grey colour. A mix of 3rd and 4th shade can be used to define the crease for a black smokey eye look.
• The fifth shade is a pale black colour that can be used to build the smokey eye look.
• The 6th shade is a charcoal black shade which can be patted on the centre of the lids to complete the whole smokey eye makeup.


Texture: These eyeshadows are very powdery and there is a lot of fallout from the palette. Most of the eyeshadows are soft and creamy to touch, but a few aren’t. The texture is compromised, just like the pigmentation. They do blend out really easily, but it takes some time to build the shadows so that they are visible.

hand swatch

Staying power: These stayed on for the whole evening. I did my friend’s makeup using this palette on our farewell and it lasted pretty much the entire afternoon through early morning. :p The staying power is commendable since I did not even use a proper primer on her. The pictures below were clicked 2-3 hours after application, and the climate was very humid that day, so despite everything, it does look pretty good in my opinion.

eye pic


Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Kleancolor Bell of the Ball Matte Bow Tux Matte Shadow Palette:

• Nice packaging
• Day to night shades
• Sleek and travel-friendly packaging
• Amazing staying power even without a primer
• Pretty shades
• Easy to blend

Cons of Kleancolor Bell of the Ball Matte Bow Tux Matte Shadow Palette:

• Pigmentation is a major issue
• Powdery texture
• Fallout

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Kleancolor Bell of the Ball Matte Bow Tux Matte Shadow Palette?
No to both.

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  1. Colors look so fresh on you 🙂 From where did you bought this? Can you plz tell me any trustable site?

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