How to Dress Up for Morning Weddings

By Chanchala Bose

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Most of us are confused about what to wear to a wedding. Well, a wedding is a very big affair in India and we love to celebrate our weddings with huge pomp and show. And, with different cultures in India, we tend to hunt for different wedding outfits. Earlier, weddings were a night affair. But these days, owning to different situations, morning weddings are also becoming a common thing. Now, we tend to go overboard with night time weddings, be it in terms of dresses or accessories. But, when it comes to day weddings, we have to think a lot about what to wear and what not.
How to Dress Up for Morning Weddings

1. Say Yes to Bright Colours

Try to go for bright colours when you are attending morning weddings. Pretty prints and pastels are widely accepted for morning weddings. Colours like yellow, pink and sky blue are perfect in terms of morning weddings.

2. Blend of Western and Indian

indo western outfit
A blend of both western and traditional attire is perfect for a morning wedding. You can go for a pair of smart pants and multi printed choli or a long skirt with a well-fitted fusion crop top.

3. Pick the Right Footwear

Instead of going for an ornamental footwear and extremely high heels, try to go for mid-length heels and classy footwear. Daytime weddings are all about being classy, the same for the footwears too.

4. Say No to Black

Avoid wearing an all black dress. Portions of black are fine. But, keep it to the minimum. Otherwise, you might end up looking like a ghost in a morning wedding.

5. Go Minimal

day wedding makeup
Day weddings are all about staying fresh. So, the makeup should not be overboard. Keep it minimum and yet beautiful. Go for a light blush and foundation. Dewy makeup is perfect for those early morning weddings.

6. Choose Jewellery with Care

Now, time for some jewellery. Well, the jewellery pieces should be minimalistic in the case of a morning wedding. Rather than going for heavy gold jewellery, go for kundan pieces or diamond or pearl jewellery.

7. Go for Light Fabrics

The fabric becomes really important in the case of morning weddings. Try to go for lighter fabrics as opposed to the heavy ones. The lighter ones will be much easier and will look easy on the eyes.

8. Don’t Dress Up too Casually

wedding footwear
Yes, morning weddings are not as loud. But it doesn’t mean you can wear everything you want. Don’t end up walking in a T-shirt or jeans. And flip flops are a strict no-no.

9. Say Yes to Accessories

Morning weddings are the time to bring out your best western accessories. Carry a statement jewellery piece like finger rings, midi rings, earrings, necklace or even bracelet. You can also go for lighter bags too for morning weddings.

10. Lip Love

bright lipstick swatches
Last, but not the least. Since you have dressed down and are going the minimalistic way, you can go overboard with your lipstick. I feel a dark fuchsia colour is perfect for a wedding. Even a hot red is good. But, avoid the wine and purples in the morning to look your best.

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