Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara – Lengthens Lashes But Does Not Give Volume!

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara – Lengthens Lashes But Does Not Give Volume!

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What I love the most about Kryolan products is the professional quality that comes at a great price. Most of their stuff is pretty good, and pretty affordable too. When I entered into their store for the first time, I was astonished looking at the variety of products. For every weird imagination in the mind, for every kind of necessity, there is a product from them. Too many of them very professional, too many of them we haven’t heard of, and all those being difficult to use.  So, I have restricted myself to my needs, and I picked a mascara that I will be reviewing today – Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara in Black.

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara

Product Description:

Mascara Color Intensifier is an intensive-color mascara that is resistant to moisture. Its creamy base assures a pleasant wearing experience.


Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara


Rs. 375/-

My Take on Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara:

I never try out mascara at the store for “because” reasons. I bought this one, without giving a second thought since it is from my favorite brand. The good thing about the mascara is that it lengthens my lashes and still makes them look natural. The bad is that it adds no volume no matter how many coats I apply.  The mascara I feel is too thin in consistency to give any volume, so for that very reason, it does not form clumps.

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara

It holds the curl of the lashes pretty well. The pigmentation is pretty ordinary which I was disappointed with. The product claims to be moisture resistant while it is not. The whole of it runs down along with water but that makes it quite easy to remove. 😛

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara

Pros of Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara:

  • Lengthens lashes pretty well.
  • Looks natural on the lashes.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Lightweight formula.
  • Holds curl for long enough.
  • Easy to remove.

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara

Cons of Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara:

  • Not waterproof.
  • Does not give volume to the lashes.
  • Not enough pigmentation.

IMBB Rating:


All in all, it is a good lengthening mascara that looks ordinary and natural on the lashes. There is nothing too special about this one and since it does not give volume, you can skip this. If you do not want drama on your eyes and if you are looking for an inexpensive, everyday mascara, you can go for it.

Take care!

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  1. I wanna enter a kryolan store atleast once in my lifetime… The products sound so amazing yet so inexpensive…. Just put this in their suggestion box naaa… From me… Kryolan… We need u all over India…. Pleaseeee

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