Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Cream

Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Cream

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I am in such a mood to write reviews these days that every day I am writing one and submitting. Well, I enjoy it thoroughly and I hope you all like reading my reviews.  So, today, I have this “excellent” product to review, which is “Kryolan’s Derma Color Camouflage System Camouflage Creme.”

Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Cream

I was suffering from severe acne until last year and I have quite a few scars on my face. So, I have always looked for and used full-coverage concealers. I was never happy with any concealer as I never got the kind of coverage that I needed. The scars always showed up somehow or the other. I have read good reviews about the MAC Studio Finish Concealer and hence wanted to try that, but for the past 4 months, every time that I visited the MAC store or called them up, they said they have some stock issues going on and that they have “no stock” for any concealers.  I was very disappointed and I wanted a good concealer at any cost.

Camouflage Creme

I happened to visit a cosmetic store and was shocked to see a little counter of Kryolan Cosmetics.  As soon as I saw it, I paced up to the counter that had two shelves full of products from the Derma Color range. I was so happy to see them as I had read about Derma Color earlier from the Kryolan website and also the claims that it could do miracles on the skin, offering flawlessly complete coverage. When I saw the “before” and “after” pictures on the website, I was shocked.  I couldn’t believe the kind of magic that the Derma Color range offered.  I had no hope of getting Kryolan Derma Color products because I thought there were no counters of Kryolan in Hyderabad.

Camouflage Creme

Product Description:

DC Camouflage Cream is an especially highly pigmented make-up which is designed to correct and cover skin disfigurements, discolorations and tattoos. DC Camouflage Cream is especially suitable for face and neck. With proper use of the Dermacolor Camouflage System, skin abnormalities can be easily corrected.  Once DC Camouflage Cream is fixed using Fixing Powder and Fixing Spray from Dermacolor, it will be waterproof and protects the skin against damaging UV radiation. DC Camouflage could last even under extreme conditions like swimming, heat and physical strain. Dermacolor Camouflage Cream is available in an extensive range of shades and those are intermixable which gives the make-up a natural appearance when applied correctly.


1200 INR for a net weight of 25 ml.


Camouflage Creme

My Take on Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Cream:

When I tried this at the counter, I honestly felt the product was overrated, especially considering all the pictures I saw on the website. I bought it home and the first thing obviously I did was to try it on my face and wow, all my scars were perfectly concealed and my skin looked “flawless,” absolutely.

I am very happy that I bought this and not MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer.  I do not know how Studio Finish would suit my face, but this, it was fantastic!

It covers all kinds of scars, pigmentation marks, and any other discolorations.  If you have any scars on your face left by stitches or other injuries, then this would do a great job concealing all those.  This concealer would also conceal acne scars, pigmentation marks, blemishes, rashes, anything!

Camouflage Creme

You need to apply it in the right way if you are trying to cover up very intense discoloration. You will know the right way to use it more effectively and to get maximum coverage as you use it over a period of time.  A lot of amount is not needed for concealing. For each use, one only needs to use only a bit or at least in my case, in comparison to the concealers that I have used before to cover my scars, I use much less product. The concealer is buildable, but you don’t really need to do that according to me.

It did not break me out. As my skin is oily, I brush a little compact after applying this and I am done!  Staying power is not what I am really happy with. After 6 hours post application, I see the shadow of my scars.

I have picked the cream in a shade that is one tone darker than my actual skin tone because then I would get better coverage.  I came to know of this tip when I was watching a few makeup tutorials on covering scars.  I basically use this just for the places where there are scars and for the rest of the face, I use my normal foundation so that my face doesn’t look too cakey or made up. The texture of the concealer is quite normal and I do not have any problem with the price because I am very satisfied with the product and I wouldn’t mind spending that particular amount.

Camouflage Creme

Pros of Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Cream:

  • Covers all types of skin discolorations like magic.
  • Wide variety of shades to choose from to get the perfect match for your skin tone.
  • You also get this in palettes where you have different shades that can be used for concealing.  Most often for intense skin discolorations, two or three different shades are used to get the desired coverage.
  • Good value for money.
  • 25 ml of the product will last for ages, so good quantity in there.
  • No Kryolan product has ever been tested on an animal.
  • Derma Color products are clinically tested.
  • Looks natural on the skin if you choose the right shade.

Cons of Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Cream:

  • Not happy with the staying power.
  • Availability could be a problem.
  • Can be a bit tricky to apply. So, do not get disappointed if it does not work the first time you use it.


4/5.  Forget the cons, trust me, it does the job. I was a very frustrated girl because of my imperfect skin and this is a dream product for me.

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76 thoughts on “Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Cream

    1. Kathiawar stores Sec’bad mein Jomol. You stay in Hyd too na! I was shocked to see Kryolan there! Very hapy now! :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. Actually it a combo u should use cream + fixing powder , then it will stay long and work better.

        Try fixing powder along with it for matt or normal finish , It works well then . If u need some shine then try fixing spray over it. After applying fixing powder put some water on to it to make it stay. I am using it for so many years does great job.

        Avoid vaseline moisturizer/jelly as they are used to remove this product.

        1. Yes yes..general is in that circle! 😛 😛 😛 😛 Well jomol one help??? 😐 😐 😐 😐 :((

            1. Well I guess recently they opened..but now toh it is there! Pakka! :toothygrin: I got it just like 15days back! :yahoo: And Jomol, NYX counters kaha hain hyd mein? I have been searchin alot for themm..any idea? :smug: :(( :((

      2. I live in hyderabad too and was about to ask you the same question .. well then I will be visiting kathiawar what I found when I saw the picture was the color of it I find MAC runs a bit too yellow for me this looks great. Thanks for the post !

        1. You wanted to know about NYX counters in Hyd too? Well I have been searchin from ages..Inorbit mein there was a counter but nw it has been closed! NYX ke itne ache product haina? SOMEONE HELP!! :waaa: :waaa: :scream: :scream:

    2. kryolan has launched their flagship store at lajpat nagar…so you can get whatever product you wish for at this store

  1. Wow, this stuff is really good. Your skin seems similar to mine. Actually, mine is probably worse. Which foundations have you used that give you full coverage? I’ve tried a few drugstore ones but either the right shade isn’t available or it just doesn’t blend in with the many colours that are on my face. I’m totally the frustrated girl that you once were 🙁

    1. Well I have tried almost all the medium-full coverage concealers but was never satisfied. Revlon, lakme, loreal, maxfactor, chambor, mufe, givenchy…aaahhhh! SO many of them! THis one is just perfect. get this Manu…you will be more confident about ur skin! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. I seriously need this in my life ! I am amazed to see the result. Definitely checking this out the next time I’m shopping 🙂
    Thanks for the review !

    1. Nevermind Palak! The result is just amazing. Make sure you have enough patience to use it the right way! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Yes, a very little counter at Kathiawar store, Sec’bad. You do not find all the Kryolan products there! :waaa: :waiting:

    1. contact this krylon sales rep – derma color (from delhi , may connect u in case he does not supply there with his team in Noida) , i order products by calling this number : 9818104141 /9312266380

      Usually they will give demo at home to match the shade from the palate , you can buy as per your requirement.

        1. yes , u can call them and order the products .They have one of the store in Lajpat nagar A block. The SA’s are really helpful there .

  3. hey this is pretty neat. have heard so much abt Kryolan. havent visited kathiawar in a while. shud go. they have so many fun things for a makeup addict 🙂

  4. wowwwwwwwiee this is for me :happydance: …i am dying to cover off my red acne scars wen i go out… 😥 😥
    but i am not sure if i culd find it here in chennai… :chewnails: :(( :headbang: :headbang:
    nice review ravali…

    1. CHennai? Ramee mall I guess, I don not know much but yes there is a seperate store for KRyolan in chennai I am sure! Try to locate the store from their website. There is one. :)) :)) :)) :)) :))

  5. I have a full concealer palette from kryolan..I think it’s high time I start using it.Nice review 😉
    Please give me some inspiration..I’ve a lot of products that need to be reviewed but am just not ready to move my lazy b*m and click pictures :yawn:

      1. My friend used it on me once and I told her that I liked she got one for me 😉
        It’s lying in my drawer ever since. 🙁 god knows when will I learn to use it :stars:

  6. They even have skin plastics – kryolan – gives celebs that perfectly smooth skin – but dunno how tht looks outside of the studio 😛 many have recommended the dermacolor range – most suited for indian weather too …great review ,wouldve liked a few swatches tho .. 😀

    1. yeah skin plastics must be awesome..but it guess they would seem discernible on the face if worn outside the studio…dermacolor range is very good fr indian skin i believe too! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  7. kryolan products are of fab quality as compared to other products in the same price range..i m suing their stick foundation and its seriously awesome!

    1. well yeah..kryolan products have super quality and most of their products pay value to the money! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

    Thanks for such a great review. I soooo… wanted to buy mac conclrs but now I want to give this a try.

    Please guide,
    1) will this work for undereye dark circles too?
    2) how is the blending?? (the skin under eye is very thin, that is why I’m asking this)
    3) seeing this, I think I won’t need orange correctors. what do u think for this?
    4) availablty in delhi….????


    NO SWATCH……… :waaa:

    1. Yes it definetly works for the undereye dark circles, and in fact anywhere, any discoloration on the skin!
      The blending as in? Well i dint get wat u exactly meant but yeah if u have very prominently seen dark circles then it would be a job and a little tricky to use this.. :waiting:
      You would not need any orange correctors for sure, you could do the job with just this alone, if again like i said you have intense discoloration the go for the palette with 2 or 3 shades.. :toothygrin:
      and yes, i guess they very recently opened a separate store in delhi..u cud check their website for that! :toothygrin:
      Hope I helped! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. One of my friend has white spot skin problem and she uses it for concealing her face and neck including under eyes n all and it works great for her.
      its a full coverage thing and the good thing is it never breakout.

      there is kryolan store in lajpat nagar A-7 in delhi.

  9. Kryolan has videos instructing people how to use their makeup properly on youtube. those would help a lot i guess on using the product correctly. their anti-shine powder and Hd foundation too is awesome – damn now i really want these stuff 😛

  10. i have been using this product from past 5 years , though i am satisfied with this product but it requires so much time, and for one area it involves two different colors and moreover sometimes it fades when i dab it 🙁 i am looking for some better product

  11. Hi there, I really enjoy reading your posts! Well done. I have used the orange corrector from kryolan but didnt get on too well with it. Which shade should i sue for acne scars if I am a NC42 in MAC? I also suffered from adult acne so have been left with scars – thankfully theyre not as bad now but they still haunt me everytime I put on my makeup!


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