Kryolan TV Paint Stick

Hi to all IMBB Friends,

I am a new follower of this wonderful blog and I enjoy reading about new makeup products and reviews about various products. After going through almost all of the entries, I thought about sharing some of my favourite products too.  I hope you all will like it and find it useful.  Please excuse my photographic skills.  It is very difficult for me to take the swatch snap by holding my large Canon in one hand 😛 😀

Okay, so let me start with my first post.  Today, I am going to review Kryolan TV Paint Stick.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick


750 INR for 25 gm (I bought it in last March, now the price must have changed).


I am using FS45 (I am NC30 in MAC).

It is available in a handy, twist-up cylinder.


Kryolan TV Paint Stick

What Kryolan says about TV Paint Stick:

Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the same time. The Kryolan assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selection is truly extraordinary, which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV and video work.

It is available in a variety of more than 120 shades.

I am reviewing the shade FS45 for you.

My Views on Kryolan TV Paint Stick:

I have had this miracle product for more than 2 years now and I am really in love with this. I love this because it is quite affordable and it gives a medium-to-heavy coverage since its made for photography as well as TV purposes.  Overall, it does what it claims.  I have combination skin and its useful for me.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick

I use it along with my favourite moisturizer underneath so that it blends fine. You will really have a hard time in blending the product if you fail to use a primer or a moisturizer. This paint stick lasts long and it does not oxidize. I use my hand as well as my wet sponge to blend the product.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick

Kryolan TV Paint Stick

I would suggest oily beauties to keep a distance from this product as it might cause them to breakout as it blocks pores. Also, some of you might find it unhygienic to blend this paint stick using your fingers, but come on ladies, use a wet sponge then. As it is stick, you can’t avoid that part. It also has a mild scent, which doesn’t bother me as it fades after application. I use my Body Shop Loose Powder after application of this for a flawless look using TV Paint Stick.

Pros of Kryolan TV Paint Stick:

  • A variety of shades to choose from (choosing the right shade is most important, else its useless).
  • Works as a concealer too.
  • Gives you a heavy coverage.
  • This product will last longer. I haven’t finished one tube, I have been using it for more than 10 months now (I am using it every day).
  • After using this product, I purchased an extra stick before coming here to the UK fearing it would finish faster, but I haven’t even finished one stick yet even though I am using it everyday.
  • This is a good foundation plus concealer for just 750 INR which will last longer.

Cons of Kryolan TV Paint Stick:

  • You will have to apply it with your fingers.
  • Some people may not like using stick foundation.
  • Not good for oily skin.
  • Using a primer or moisturizer underneath is a must.

Will I Repurchase Kryolan TV Paint Stick?

Yeah, sure, but only after finishing what I already own.  

Hope you find my first review helpful. Comments are most welcome.

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58 thoughts on “Kryolan TV Paint Stick

  1. Nicely reviewed and Awesome shade selection options :yes: :yes: …I have never used the stick ones as i find the application time consuming… 😉 😉

  2. Thnx a lot Vineetha…. Kryolan is really good. You need to use it along with a good primer or moisturizer… It works well and it lasts longer. One stick will lasts for a year

  3. nice review Renji. These do last a while I have heard and lots of these stick foundations also double up as a concealer so its easy to travel with as well.

  4. Finding the right shade is a major cocern. Initially I bought shade FS42 which was a darker shade and I ended up as a clown.. :yahoo: Then I went again repurchased FS45 which is my correct shade. Apply to jawbone and see whether the shade matches you. Try to see the shade in natural light. In shops, sometimes lighting matters….

  5. Hi renji, thanks for sharing it wid us 🙂
    Kryolan makes one of the best makeup bases in the world and all over the world soo many professional makeup artists use this….. :waytogo: :waytogo: thz r gud for occasional use or for parties as thy give good amount of coverage.

  6. ive used this one a long time back and i agree it gives heavy coverage…i stopped using it cos i started to break out..but i guess i’d like to try using it again..i had gotten mine from beauty center ..does anyone know where else its available in mumbai?

    1. Kryolan products are available in beauty palace (another store in crawford market that tends to our beauty needs 😀 ).It is right next to badshah restaurant.Hope this helps 🙂

  7. I remember vaguely but I think I have used it some time back… I think I have. :struggle: Bt it sounds pretty good nevertheless. 🙂 Welcome to IMBB :))

  8. thnx Rati… between…can u tell me how to display my picture too against my comments..hhhe.. its showing up a sad smiley :stars:

  9. they have a aquacolor range too,i so want to check that out..and they have these plastic covers for the screen – but it has to be applied by a professional for those on screen -no wonder people like lindsay with spots all over their face look so flawless on screen *feels better /8 hehehe :toothygrin:

  10. I have combination skin and it works nicely on me..never broke me out or caused any clogged pores..though I agree we need to use it with a primer or moisturizer or else it may be little difficult to blend..also you can use thermal water to blend it as I use Avene thermal spring water and it works beautifully. I would not suggest this for daily use for its perfect for parties or weddings as the coverage it good and it lasts long!

  11. :manicure: :manicure: NICE review renji ..:) renji can u or any1 help me by letteing me knw whr can i fynd KROLYAN cosmetics in delhi/south delhi..

  12. Parita di you mentioned that you have a kryolan concealer – is it from the dermacolor range or this tv paint stick ? i was thinking of getting one…

    1. I have the paint stick Arja not the dermacolor one..paint stick also does a fab job of concealing..i have a one in orangeish shade as I have intenses dark circles and it acts as a corrector also..hope this helps

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  14. Nice review :stars: :yahoo:
    Any idea for good foundation for oily skin in kryolan and any other company… :toothygrin: :tongue:
    I have very oily skin. :pissedoff:

  15. Thank you so much for the review….I finally found a foundation that is just so right for my skin :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Had it not been for IMBB review, I wouldn’t have found this magical product.

    PS: This is my comment on IMBB…..I have been a silent reader from past many months. Must say this is a wonderful blog…and kudos to all you beautiful ladies for making it more interesting :rose:

  16. this sounds good. But is it recommended for oily skin? Also do i need to use a primer/moisturiser/ powder before applying? or just concealer is fine?

    I’m assuming like other concealers it doesnt need a top-up like foundation

  17. Plz suggest me the shade i hv norml fair skin .. .or also tell me d differce between Ultrafoundation Stick & TV Paint tht i cn get btr one.

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