Kryolan Dual Sharpener Review

Kryolan Dual Sharpener

Hi everyone,

I am reviewing the Kryolan Dual Sharpener which I have been using for the past few months. I had misplaced the Lakme dual sharpener and got this one. I was planning to repurchase the Lakme one itself again as it was doing a decent job but bought it from Kryolan as it comes with an outer cover case. I love eye pencils and sharpener is a must have product in my vanity. I also like sharpening pencils, as they can make an old dirty looking ones neat. 😛




My experience with the Kryolan Dual Sharpener


The Kryolan sharpener is made up of plastic. It is glossy black in colour. There is a transparent plastic at the back of the sharpener. It comes with a dual sharpener, one ideal for sharpening smaller eye and lip pencils and the other for jumbo pencils, bigger eye kohl pencils etc. The sharpening blades are made of steel and fitted tightly.

The sharpener comes with an outer protective case. This case is transparent and made of plastic. It will help in holding up the waste while sharpening. The outer cover is very helpful as each and every time I sharp, I needn’t run for a trash bin or dirty my vanity table. The outer cover can be removed completely for comfortably cleaning of the sharpener. The Kryolan mask face logo is printed on the outer case. Overall, the packaging of the sharpener is fine and sturdy.


It works well for sharpening your blunt eye liners and lip liners for smooth and even application of makeup. Both the sharpeners for the slim pencils and thick jumbo pencils are attached side by side and it comes in one piece itself.

The sharpener blades have a smaller hole on top and an adjacent hole below. This type of hole in sharpeners is convenient. It helps in easy sharpening and the pencil does not get stuck between the holes.


I sharpened my Lakme absolute kohl ultimate eye pencil, Faces lip liner and my regular Lakme satin kajal. It worked fine without much wastage and got the tip nearly perfect. It sharpened most of the pencils easily and I did not lose the tip for any. Overall, the performance of the sharpener was good.

Pros of the Kryolan Dual Sharpener

• Affordable
• Decent packaging – Comes with dual sharpeners and an outer cover case.
• The smaller and bigger sharpeners are placed side by side, which is convenient for usage.
• Can be used for most of the lip liners and eye pencils it works fine.


Cons of the Kryolan Dual Sharpener

• I wish it was easier to clean.

IMBB Rating


Will I repurchase and do I recommend Kryolan Dual Sharpener?

Yes, if I lose it or something, I don’t mind buying it again. I recommend it, if you are looking out for a durable and affordable sharpener. It comes decent for the price.

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3 thoughts on “Kryolan Dual Sharpener Review

  1. I love kryolan for their affordable yet decent makeup brushes. 🙂 I will get this one too as i like that plastic cover. I guess, it has that cleaner like stick in the second image. Check it out.. *specs* *specs* Nice review & pictures 🙂 🙂

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