Lakme Dual Sharpener Review

Hi Beautiful People,

I am reviewing Lakme Dual Sharpener which I have been using for the past few months. I had lost my Faces dual sharpener and got this one.

lakme dual sharpener

Lakme Dual Sharpner keeps your slim and jumbo sized Lakme Eye & Lip pencils in shape for a flawless and even applications. It is your one stop shop for fulfilling all your liner sharpening needs.

I belong to that category of people who love sharpening their pencils for no specific reason. Even when I was in school I used to love sharpening my pencils till they vanished.

• Helps to maintain the definite size of eye liners and lip liners
• Assists you in even and flawless application
• Gives a precise sharp point without wasting your product
• Helps in giving perfect finish to your eye and lip liners

lakme dual sharpener

It is made up of plastic, sharpening blades and nails.
Use it for sharpening your blunt eye liners and lip liners for smooth and even application of makeup.

Cost : Rs.60/-

My Take on the product

Packaging : Both the sharpeners for the slim pencils like lip liner, eye pencil etc and the jumbo pencils like Lakme Satin Kajals are attached side by side. So its just in one piece.Its brown in colour and comes in a small neat rectangle brown box.
In between both the sharpeners is a small slot in which fits in a small plastic ‘dagger like’ cleaner which helps in the cleaning of the sharpener. The cleaner helps in the removal of residues of lip liners or kajal which gets accumulated at the end of the sharpener. The cleaner fits into the slot really nicely but I get this feeling that I am going to use this really soon. I have this great talent of misplacing small items.

that’s the dagger shaped cleaner

Performance : Good. I sharpened my Max Factor Kohl, lip liner and my regular kajal without much wastage and got the tip nearly perfect. I have pencils from Maybelline, Max Factor, Color bar etc. It sharpened most of the pencils without much wastage and easily and I did not lose the tip. The point that I got for my Lakme kajal was sharp enough to give a nice finish on my waterline.

My friend complains that it did not suit her lip liner though. The small plastic cleaner really helps in cleaning the waxy , creamy residue left on the end of the sharpener. But very soon I am sure I am going to end up this cleaning part as I will grow lazy.

My husband sharpened his Natraj pencil with this and said this is the oddest pencil sharpener he has ever seen. He kept on telling me that he did not know Lakme is also into producing stationery items. Well its really hard explaining makeup to guys.

The first sharpener is for the Jumbo pencils and the second one for the smaller pencils


1. Available and affordable.
2. Both the thin and jumbo sharpeners are attached side by side.
3. There is a small plastic cleaner with a nice tip which helps in taking off the residue from the sharpener.
4. Can be used for most of the lip liners and eye pencils.


1. Those who are used to the performance of high end brands might not like this one.
2. Might not suit all eye pencils or lip liners.
3. As both the sharpeners are attached side by side you lose one both are lost along with the cleaner.

Overall Rating – 4 out of 5. those on the lookout for a durable affordable sharpener do get this one.

Will I repurchase it again : I don’t want to lose this one. If I misplace it I might try another one from another brand.

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32 thoughts on “Lakme Dual Sharpener Review

    1. Rama.. like i said Lakme one might not work for some pencils.. the Chambor though costly might work for all..

  1. I use the ordinary sharpner to sharpen my liners 🙂 silly me.. most of the times it broke the tip..
    i will check this for sure 🙂 good review deepa!!

    1. Both are fine..Swati.. for the pencils i use i think both work perfectly well.. but my friend insists tht the faces one is better.. btw she somehow dislikes all products of lakme..

    1. the concealer as thick as the Lakme Satin Kajal.. then it shld work out fine.. the best way to find out.. is carry your stick concealer to the Lakme outlet.. there are test pieces there.. so jst try it out..

  2. i also have been using this for last two years and it does a pretty good job but is not meant for chambor lip and eye liners though as i couldn’t get the chambor sharpener here and had to rely on this one.

  3. I have it and love it. 🙂 your husband sharpening natraj pencil part was awesome.. And yeah, its hard to explain men about makeup.. i use to buy inglot freedom eyeshadows and everytime i do a haul my dad asks “y do u buy the same stuff again and again” 😛 😛 😛

  4. same prob here. I`ve got the colorbar concealer and later realised that the sharpener wasnt attached to its head 😛 it has to be bought separately. the colorbar stick one`s so thick – it cnt be sharpened without a proper jumbo sharpener -I have been digging it out with earbuds 😛 Lazyness personified 😛

  5. Might sound funny but I have this since a looooooong time! So loooooong that the price printed on the outer box is 17/- 🙂

  6. Ya might be…also all products are increasing their prices..hum chotumotu makeup freak bachhu log ka kya hoga!?! *sniff sniff*

  7. I lovvve my sharpener. I have a Dior sharpener and it’s so super awesomeeee <3 🙂
    My sister uses Lakme and the outer price on her carton is also Rs. 17 😀

  8. it’s a fab sharpener but I like colorbar one even more. may be because that is more sturdy than this one. But nevertheless, it’s a must have in everyone’s kit 🙂

    1. ya agreed.. the hing end brands hve sharpeners are more sturdy and the wastage is lesser.. but this is a good product tht all must hve..

  9. Do they sell this separately or is it only available along with other products?
    I ask this because I’ve asked them at the counter if they have a sharpener, and they always tell me that they don’t sell them alone.
    But quite honestly, if the item has a price of its own and I’m willing to pay for it, I don’t see why they can’t sell it! 🙁

    1. i got this alone.. i did not get anything else frm the Lakme counter.. ask them abt the dual sharpener.. some times these SAs are so misleading..

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