Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette – 18 Bridal Review

This review has been pending for so long. I love this palette to bits. I picked it up from the Kryolan store in Andheri, Mumbai. I make sure to visit Kryolan every time I visit family in Mumbai. I believe they have another lip palette but the colors in this were to die for. It says “Bridal” but the colors in ths one are for “everyday” wear too.


INR 2000
Product Description:
Lip Rouge in an elegant mirror palette with 18 colors. Lip Rouge with a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism. Lip Rouge Palette is specially adapted to professional needs. Ideal for perfect looks.


My Experience with Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette – 18 Bridal:

You can see why I love this palette. The colors are perfect. They have all the warm shades you need. The range has warm n*des, oranges, reds. There is just one cool-toned pink it it.


They also have a dash of shimmer golden, but apart from that, all colors are either creamy or matte. This palette does not have those sheer or glossy shades that many colourful palettes have.


This palette has solid lipsticks, they feel thick and creamy. The brush provided is fantastic. I even get nightmares that I have lost that perfect brush!



I would say they work pretty much like a normal lipstick. You are sure to find colors that you can use everyday. They also have bold oranges and reds. You would also find a couple of maroons. None of the shades are poorly pigmented.


You can happily use every shade in this palette. If you do not own many lipsticks, this is a perfect palette for you. The huge mirror is super handy as well.




Pros of Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette – 18 Bridal:

  • Very pigmented.
  • Everyday shades along with deeper evening wear shades.
  • Bridal and neutral colors.
  • Handy mirror and lip brush.
  • Solid matte and creamy colors.

Cons of Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette – 18 Bridal:

  • Expensive.


Would I Recommend Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette – 18 Bridal?
For sure, if you do not own many lipsticks or just starting to build your lip shades collection, this is awesome!
IMBB Rating:

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One thought on “Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette – 18 Bridal Review

  1. Very worth review..most of the colors are suitable for all type of skin tones..keeping on eyeing for this type of lip palette for long time ,which will suit all skintones…especially dark brown skin like me.superb neha..

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