L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette Review

Hello beautiful souls,
Today I am here with the review of my first ever lip palette. Till now I didn’t think of buying a nice lip palette. But one afternoon I was going through a website where I found this beautiful and inexpensive lip palette, my happiness knew no boundaries and without any second thought I ordered this. Let’s see how the lip colors in this palette fared on me.

Product Details:
The perfect combination of colors to help you achieve luscious lips. Wear an individual color or combine colors for a variety of looks.

L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette

Price: INR 425 for 8.7 grams.

My Take on L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette:

Packaging: The initial packing of the lip palette is a rectangular, black cardboard box with an elongated see through section which allows you to look at the shades inside. The inner container is velvety in finish and black in color with a see through section and an attached decent sized mirror to it. The palette consists of six different shades. A soft and wide flat lip brush is also provided to the kit for anytime application. The brush is of good quality and usable, it distributes the color so evenly and the application is quite easy for every lip shape. The packaging looks awesome and classy for a drugstore brand. You can find the shade name and other details on the outer and on the inner box as well. The packaging is very travel friendly, as the palette comes with an inbuilt mirror and a nice applicator as well.

L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette

L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette

Shade: As I said earlier the palette contains six shades, all of which are really beautiful and wearable shades. The palette has n*des to bright. The first four shades are very shimmery with a silvery sheen to it and the last two are shimmery but has very less amount of shimmer to it, which aren’t perceptible. You can apply any of those colors; one can wear the shades on its own or can mix them together to make a desired customize shade.

L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette

• First shade is a shimmery peachy pink kind of color but because of the silvery sheen, it appears more like n*de golden beige shade on the lips. Although it’s a very neutral color but the silvery sheen doesn’t make it suitable for many skin tones and this shade will wash out maximum skin tones and I think it’s meant to be used as a mixing color with other shades.
• Second shade is again a shimmery apricot shade, with some coral undertones to it.
• Third shade is a mauve pink color with silvery sheen to it; the shade will suit every skin tone.
• Fourth shade is a one shade deeper than the second shade and is a duo chromic orangey pink color. The shade will generally suit light to medium skin tones.
• Fifth shade is a bright fuchsia pink shade which also has some very small and less amount of shimmer to it; it’s the most beautiful among all the shades. It’ll suit every skin tone and will brighten up any complexion.
• Sixth shade is a creamy neutral rosy pink. This shade again is very beautiful and is suitable for everyday wear.

L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette

Texture, Finish and Pigmentation: The texture of the lip colors is extremely smooth and buttery. The consistency is creamy but not thick and gloopy. They glide easily with the lip brush. The formulas of the lip colors are very hydrating. They don’t bleed out the lip lines. The shimmery shades tend to settle into fine lines but not the creamy ones. The lip colors don’t over emphasize dry and flaky lips.

L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette

The lip colors has different finishes depending upon the shade, the first four shades gives a glossy metallic kind of finish on the lips and the last two shades gives a creamy matte finish. The pigmentation for the shimmery colors aren’t very good, they aren’t very opaque and thick. The shimmery shades needs to be nicely layered for an even coverage. The other two creamy and darker colors are very richly pigmented and with two strokes of the brush, every flaw of your lips gets evenly covered.

L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette

For those with pigmented lips can mix the shimmery shades with the pigmented color for an even coverage. The shimmery shades will work better as lip glosses over matte lipsticks.

L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette

Staying Power: Although the lip colors aren’t creamy, they stay put for some good 3-4 hours. Though in the case of metallic shades they stay put for some 2-2.5 hours and doesn’t survive light snacking. But the creamy color stays on me for 3-4 hours with snacking and drinking. No doubt the lip colors do transfer to everything. The lip color needs to be re applied after heavy meals. The lip colors don’t stain the lips and can be removed easily.

Pros of L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette:

• Beautiful colors from neutral to bright. Can be worn on itself or my mixing each other.
• Packaging looks decent and is very travel friendly, with an inbuilt mirror and brush.
• Attached brush applicator is good.
• Nice creamy and buttery texture.
• Applies very smoothly with brush or fingers.
• Lip colors are very moisturizing on lips.
• The colors don’t bleed.
• The dark creamy shades stay for 3-4 hours with mild snacking and drinking.
• The creamy shades are very pigmented and thick.

Cons of L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette:

• Availability in India.
• The lip colors have weird smell to it.
• Opacity is low for the shimmery shades.
• Low staying power for shimmery shades.
• Since they are creamy, they transfer easily onto anything.
• The shimmery shades tend to settles into the fine lines of the lips.
• The four shades wouldn’t suit every skin tone and is suitable to mix with another shade.

IMMB Rating: 3.7/5.

Will I Recommend/ Repurchase L.A. Girl Irresistible Luscious Lip Palette?
Yes definitely I am recommending this to all. I think there is no doubt that this lip palette is really awesome compared to its inexpensive price. You can purchase this kit from cosmixstores.com or from eBay as well.

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