L’oreal EyeLiner Pencil Expresso Review, Swatches

L’oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eye Liner Espresso Swatches & Review

L’oreal eye Pencil Perfect Self Advancing EyeLiner expresso

Price- 550/- INR

It is available in 4 shades

06 Ebony
05 Cocoa
40 Espresso
04 Paris Blue
I am reviewing the 40 Espresso here.

loreal eyeliner expresso

What the Product Claims:

Long wearing, smudge proof cream formula glides on softly & smoothly every time for a perfect line every time.

Apply along the lash line from the inner corner of the eye working outwards. To sharpen pencil twist pencil until the pencil point is sharpened to the the desired point of use. (Whatever that means :stars:

Ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lense wearers. All day wear.
(Feel like saying what an idea sir jee :hihi: )

See the blunt tip….Now what exactly does the” twist it till you get the desired point” mean anyway when the pencil can only be twisted up and not down!!! :waiting:

expresso eyeliner

Swatches (upper one 4 swipes, lower one single swipe)

brown eyeliner

My Experience

I don’t get the name only. Pencil perfect I can understand. What is this with the “self advancing” thing. I mean it’s not going to do something miraculous on its own. I really don’t know why companies come with such fancy names. (Wait!!! I know. To fool people obviously :-/ )

Well this is a regular dark brown/ coffee colored liner. The formula is really creamy and smooth. I haven’t come across a liner that goes this smoothly on the lid. The color pay off is very okay okay type. You have to swipe it 4/5 times to get the actual color on the lids. On the pack it says smudge proof, which is partly true and partly false. Let me explain. It gets smudged within an hour of application. I was so mad for this thing. Like it costs 550 bucks and can’t even do what’s the basic need or requirement from a liner. So I started applying it only on my waterline as a kajal. It would stay there for some time and then just disappear. One fine day I was just curious that how can they write its smudge proof on the pack if it smudges like hell in an hour. So what I did was swatched it on my hand, smudged it with my finger. One swipe of my finger and it was gone. Next I swatched it again on my hand.set it with some loose powder (I just used my nivea powder) and you won’t believe it just would not budge. It stayed like that even when I wet my hand and tried to smudge it again. I found it on my hand as it is in the morning. 😛 so much for being smudge proof.
Let me summarize my experience in what I liked and what I did not like in this Self advancing eyeliner.

Good Points:

1. Glides like a dream.
2. Very Creamy. You can do your eye in one single go.
3. A bit tricky but it is smudge proof alright. 4. Imparts a soft look to the eyes unlike the other liners I’ve tried till date.
5. Pigmentation is okay but is quite buildable.
6. Coverage is really good.
7.Does not irritate the water line. So can be used as a brown Kajal.

Not so good points:

1. Usually I don’t set my eyes with loose powder after I line them. Never felt the need to do it. But with this you have to remember this.
2. Sharpening it is impossible. And the blunt tip is not very helpful when you want a thin line.
3. The pencil can only be twisted up. So if by mistake you end up having a long lid out of the casing it’s going to be really difficult to safely handle it without braking.
4. Price can be a problem for some with many other options available at a much lesser price.

My rating: 3 out of 5

Final word: hmmm. It’s a good liner. But I am not going to get it again. I would rather go for faces or colorbar ones.

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