L.A Girl Luxury Creme Lipstick-LC545 Pure Ecstasy

By Ankita M.

L.A Girl Luxury Creme Lipstick-LC545 Pure Ecstasy

Hey beauties,

I am not a very big fan of lipsticks but recently, I purchased a few of them. Now, I think I am getting addicted to lipsticks. 😛 I love orang-y lipsticks that look classy on some girls but personally, I never got the courage to own one. My BFF bought me this LA girl lipstick in “Pure Ecstasy” shade. I felt weird using this color initially, but now, I use it regularly because I feel it enhances my complexion well.

LA Girl Lipstick Pure Ecstasy

About the L.A Girl Lipstick “Pure Ecstasy”:

Its a nice orange shade and I totally love it. I am also in love with the fruity smell it has and tastes good as well due to which I sometimes keep licking it off my lips. Its made in U.S.A and I am not sure where you can find it in India. My friend bought it for 3$, but one of my friends bought it from Delhi for Rs. 220. The shade is lighter then what it looks in the swatches and the texture is milky.



220 INR for 3.5g of the product/ 3 USD


• Very sturdy
• Attractive black case


Pros of the L.A Girl Lipstick “Pure Ecstasy:

• Very cute packaging.
• Awesome fragrance.
• Good /milky texture.
• Good quantity.
• Classy colour.

Cons the L.A Girl Lipstick “Pure Ecstasy:

• Difficult to find in India.
• Reapplicatrion is required in 2 hours.

IMBB Rating :

4.5 / 5

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