LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner Review

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It’s hardly sixty days since the beginning of new year and quite a few of us might already have given up the resolution, isn’t it like that? Anyway, getting to the review, today I’m reviewing LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner which has been in my liner stash for long, but hardly used. Not that it’s terrible or anything, but I have better liners, so I avoid using this one. Read on to know the details.

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner Review


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Shade: Black


Easy to handle. Water resistant. Fine brush applicator.
Water resistant liquid eyeliner is specially formulated for long lasting wear. Ultra fine brush applicator ensures precision lining. Dries fast and stays on with a bold finish.

My Experience with LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner:

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner Review

As I mentioned before, I have started this eyeliner after very long. It had been lying somewhere down in my makeup kit screaming for attention, but alas! I didn’t care enough. The packaging is nothing great and is just a normal one like in most liquid liners with tall screw cap. No information is mentioned on the bottle.

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner Review

The color intensity is very low. I like intense black colored eyeliners and this liner fails me. When I apply the liner, I literally have to put 2-3 layers to get black color that I desire. Although, the application is pretty easy and non-troublesome and the brush quality is fine too, the texture isn’t anything great.

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner Review

The texture of the eyeliner is very runny. It runs to my eye lashes like I run to Nutella, just immediately. 😉 Also, this eyeliner takes a little while to dry up and I have just no patience to wait for it to dry. After drying up, the eyeliner that gets stuck on eyelashes is hard to take off
and my eyelashes feel irritated. Also, it gives an uneven finish, which is totally undesirable.

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner Review

Talking of the staying power, it’s moderate. Once dry, the liner stays on for long hours without smudging. It doesn’t just wash off with water. A makeup remover is surely needed to get it off, although, it doesn’t require rubbing the eyes with the remover pad a several time, one swipe with the remover pad and the eyeliner vanishes.

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner Review

Personally, I love gel liners more for they are more convenient to try various lining styles. Whereas, the liquid liners are so wet and runny that experimenting with them is a little herculian task. Overall, this is an average eye liner which I’m not much fond of.

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner Review

Pros of LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner:

• Matte black color.
• Easy application.
• Thin brush.
• Flexible, good quality brush.
• Smudge proof.
• Easy to carry in the bag.
• Didn’t dry out in the packaging, though I opened it after long.
• Stays on for long.

Cons of LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner:

• Low color pay-off.
• Takes a little while to dry after application.
• Availability.
• Uneven application and finish.
• No information provided on the packaging.
• Too runny to get stuck on eye lashes.

IMBB Rating:

2.5 out of 5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner?

No! I wouldn’t buy it again because there are lot better options available in the market, nor would I really recommend it.

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