LA Colors Lip Polish Lip Gloss Review

LA Colors Lip Polish Lip Gloss

Today, I am going to review the LA Colors Lip Polish Lip Gloss which I got from cherry culture.

LA Colors Lip Polish Lip Gloss

Product Description:

  • Long lasting.
  • Soft brush-tip applicator.
  • Sheer color.

Reward your pout with Lip Polish Moisturizing Sheer Lipgloss and experience softer, smoother lips in no time! Gloss can be applied alone for a sheer color or over lip color for lusclously bold lip. New soft brush-tip applicator for a mess free application, It’s never been easier to show off your lovely pout!

Mocha Madness is the shade I purchased. There were 24 colors to choose from.


$ 1.99 (Rs. 100 approximately) for 15 ml.


It is in a transparent tube form with a brush applicator.



The ingredients microcrystalline wax, mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum) are not clearly visible in the picture.

My Take on LA Colors Lip Polish Lip Gloss:

This gloss is in a tube form and has a brush applicator, which was why I had ordered this. I do not have a single gloss in this style and wanted to try this out.  It is very thick in consistency but not sticky and one has to press the tube to get the product out. Even though it is thick, it spreads pretty well. It smells of green apples and I love the smell. The attached brush is not of much use. The product comes out through the center of the brush and hence it becomes difficult for me to spread it in an even manner (I use the brush to apply product on my lips and spread it with my fingers for a uniform application).

LA Colors

I was disappointed by this brush, as it was the main reason for me getting this gloss.  It keeps my lips moisturized as long as it stays and also for a while after it fades away. It is shimmery, which is not at all over the top.  The staying power of this gloss is about 2 to 3 hours. After that, it keeps my lips moisturized. This color is pretty opaque and gives a decent coverage.

LA Colors Lip Gloss

Coming to the color, I thought it would be on the maroonish-brownish side, but the color turned out to be more reddish. Also the name, in no way indicates that this color is a reddish one, but it definitely is wearable, so no more complaints about the shade.

Lip Gloss

Now coming to the pros and cons of this gloss.

Pros of LA Colors Lip Polish Lip Gloss:

  • Moisturizes the lips as long as it stays on without making the lips sticky.
  • Staying power is pretty decent for a gloss.
  • Inexpensive.
  • The quantity for the price is huge!
  • Has got a fancy look and is attractive.  Gives a great opportunity to flaunt it 😉 (that’s what happened when I showed it to my friends).
  • Gives a decent coverage.

Cons of LA Colors Lip Polish Lip Gloss:

  • The brush is not of much use (it deposits all the product at the beginning of a swipe).
  • It is not available in India and can be ordered online.
  • The tube needs to be pressed hard to get even a little product out.

I can’t think of any other cons.

Do I Recommend?

Hmmm, there’s no harm in getting one because it is so low priced.

Will I Repurchase?

Probably not! I might as well get the NYX round lip gloss for the same price 😉


I rate it 3/5.

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