La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Review, Swatch

La Prairie skin caviar luxe cream review

Claims : The most elegant, richly textured and most firming efficacy ever achieved in a cosmetics moisturizer! It is the ultimate experience of firming and lifting, your skin will look radiant, feel softer, silkier and firmer. Only a face lift will do more!

Price : USD 375 approx

Ingredients :

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Available at Palladium Mall in Mumbai and most airports across the world.

My Experience with La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream :

I absolutely love the serum from the La Paririe’s Caviar Range. And I am totally in love with this cream. I use the caviar cream at night along with the serum. And it has shown brilliant results on my skin.

It is a thick moisturiser and I am assuming that it is great mostly for normal to dry skin. It gets absorbed in quickly leaving skin soft and nourished. With continuous usage it has made my skin quite soft and healthy. My skin looks I have got a mini facial done overnight when I look at my skin in the morning. 😀 And your skin only gets better with every passing day.

It comes in a bulky blue bottle with silver cap. There is also a little silver spoon that comes along with it. I very conveniently managed to lose it so I mostly use it with clean fingers now. You only need a little bit for your face and neck because the cream is quite rich and nourishing.

It has never broken me out despite the weather being so scorching hot.

As I mentioned earlier as well that these La Prairie products have changed the texture and look of my skin drastically over past few months. Despite the price being so steep, I would love to go back to these products again and again. The Caviar skin care is also an anti ageing skin care so you do get the benefits of getting that lifted younger look to your skin and also preventing your skin from the damages.

It has its fare share of some of the bad ingredients such as parabens. Considering this being such a luxurious skin care they could definitley find an alternative for keeping skincare as natural as possible.

Despite that, this works and this has worked so wonderfully that I’d find it hard to use any other night cream now.

Give it a try if you have normal to dry skin and you are looking for something potent for your skin. It wouldn’t disappoint you. Totally lives up to what it claims. :))

Rating : 5/5


La Prairie skin caviar luxe cream review, swatch

Swatch :
La Prairie skin caviar luxe cream swatch

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3 thoughts on “La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Review, Swatch

  1. Wow Rati you have got such impeccable skin care products. I would like to put these products in my bucket list. 🙂

  2. I can see how thick and creamy this cream is in the swatch Rati.. Such expensive skincare would be on my bucket list too since owning them is a dream as of now 😛 😀

  3. Angelina Jolie uses this cream. But the price could definitely make your heartbeat slow. BTW thanks that you reviewed this cream for us. Great review

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