Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter Review

By Deepashree C.M

Halli Hallo!

This is my first post and I am super excited, but a bit nervous too! Today’s review is all about Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter. Lip care is a must for most of us during winters. For me, it’s an everyday essential in every season, throughout the year. My lips are super sensitive and need to be nourished every single day. So, I use lip care products every night before going to bed and in the morning till I start to get ready for the day. In the mornings, I wipe it off before applying my lipstick for the day. By doing this, my lips remain well conditioned. I am obsessed with Labello Lip Balms. Read further to find out if Labello Lip Butter could win my heart!

Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter Review1

Product Description:
Care Effect:
Do you want a sensorial experience, well-cared lips and a soft shine of colour on your lips? The indulging Lip Butter formula pampers lips and relieves dry lips. It seals in moisture in your lips long-lastingly.

Colour and Shine:
The formula melts on the lips, restoring moisture balance and adding a silky gloss.

Taste and Smell:
The big innovation for the Lip Butters: Raspberry aromas in the formula provide authentic flavor and fragrance experience. The interaction of smell, taste and the touch of the lips indulges all senses.

Apply as needed to soothe and moisturise lips. The Lip Butter is applied to the lips with the finger, which helps to control how much butter is used.

The moisturizing formula contains Hydra IQ, Shea Butter and Almond Oil.

€2.65 for 16.7g

My Experience with Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter:

This happens to be my first lip butter. The packaging was so attractive that I had to pick it up. The lip butter is filled in a round metallic pot. Opening the lid is a little bit of a pain for me. The whole container is small and pretty thin. Which is pretty to look at, but when you want to open it, it does kind of slip off and I don’t like this fact. The packaging essentially makes the whole lip butter unhygienic and I do not like it, especially when I am outside and I have to use it.

Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter Review3

The lip butter is pale soft pink in color which makes it very attractive. It gives a milky finish along with pale/bland and washed out finish when applied on my lips. I assumed that my lips would look pink when applied, but I was wrong! I usually apply a thick layer of this butter and it does feel heavy and sticky on the lips. If applied as a thin layer, it fades off very easily.

Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter Review2

It, for sure, nourishes the lips by making them soft and supple. The fragrance is mostly of raspberry with a little hint of rose. It is irresistible if you are a fan of raspberries and roses. I crave for raspberries and also tend to taste a bit of the lip butter. 😉 It does its job overnight and during the day, when I am only using my lipstick, my lips tend to get little dry by late afternoon and evening.

Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter Review

I have super sensitive lips and if I use lip butter in the night and lip balm outdoors, it results in dry and peeled lips. And hence, I cannot switch between products. I am not sure if anyone else has the same problem. Do comment below if you face the same so that I can make out if I am alone in this or not.

Here is a picture showing my pale lips:

Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter Review4

Pros of Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter:

• Moisturizing.
• Keeps lips hydrated for hours.
• Sweet fragrance of raspberries and roses.
• Cute packaging.

Cons of Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter:

• Feels kind of heavy on lips.
• Results in pale/bland and washed out look.
• Difficulty in opening the lid.
• Unhygienic for outdoor usage/reapplication.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter?
No! I prefer glossy lip balms better than lip butters.

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  1. I use lip butters only at night. They are too heavy for daytime and also leave that white cast! :/

    1. The company is also same as of Nivea. Please check the back of butter in pics… but in Europe the lip products are in the name of Labello instead of Nivea

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