Lakme Absolute Color Illusion Pearl Eyeshadow – Starlight Pearl

Lakme Absolute Color Illusion Pearl Eyeshadow Starlight Pearl


Metallic shades that take you from shimmery princess in the day to bold queen in the night. Use wet for intense effect. Create a spectacular Illusion.

Glides easily
Use wet and dry
Available in 8 shades


Today’s review could go down in history. This eye-shadow is such a confusing glittering mess on the eyes that I am shocked to even write that this costs 750 bucks.These are as bad the shadow and blush stylist that were released at exorbitant prices. anyway, I picked up the most wearable shadow since these have glitter to them but sadly I used it a lot for the review but it will not be used much in the future.


the packaging is very much like the stylist range with this see-through window in it.The color can be seen in the case.the case is sturdy and the cap click locks,overall it will take a couple of falls without breaking.The color is a beige shimmer one, well what should I say, it has only shimmer and nothing else,I was thinking it would be sating smooth but it is not.


When you swipe your finger on it you actually get no color, only grit.Then again when you try harder you get a lot of crumbly mess.If you dip you brush,you pick up chunky glitter.When you pat it on, the face is full of glitter.When you use a wet brush, the shimmer is contained no doubt but on the lids, it looks so terrible like a oily crease full of eyemakeup on lid. The color is barely seen though I know this is too light and matches the skin tone but overall all you get is glitter here and there.


The glitter badly needs a base.The glitter is very crumbly.It really makes a mess of your eyeshadow brush too.On the eyes,it only shines and twinkles. In the picture it has not come through but believe it is a messy shadow to have for such a hefty price tag,

Lakme_Absolute_Color_Illusion_Pearl_Eyeshadow_-_Starlight_Pearl__6_ Lakme_Absolute_Color_Illusion_Pearl_Eyeshadow_-_Starlight_Pearl__4_

The shadow stays on its own to make a glittery mess in an hour.Used wet, you can glitter on the eyes for two hours or more.I dare not waste my eye primers for this shadow.Then again, it falls into the eyes and on the face, really irritating the skin.I think you must keep a safe distance from this shadow, I am not sure about the other shade in this range.


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11 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Color Illusion Pearl Eyeshadow – Starlight Pearl

  1. Damn….I can tell from the pics how bad the fallout is… *spank* *spank* *spank* … Bad Lakme… *pan* *pan*

  2. hawww *cry*
    I actually liked a silver grey shade of this range.. I knew there would be some fall off but as mentioned in your review ..I am really skeptical about it now *waaa*

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