Chambor Eye Shadow Trio (Bronze)- Review

Chambor Eye Shadow Trio Bronze Review

This post is for all the IMBB beauties who wanted to know about this palette.:-*

Although I love my bold and vibrant eye makeup looks, you cannot carry such looks everyday; especially if you are a working woman. Many workplaces frown upon heavy makeup. At the same time, we have to look presentable and well-groomed always.

So what to do?

Light, bright and long-lasting makeup is the answer. We need something which will brighten the face but not look OTT ever.

The Chambor eye shadow trio in Bronze can be one of such products.

If I have to describe this in one word, it would be- SHEER.

Let’s take a look at details.

Packaging- I love it. It’s clean, neat and classy. It comes in a navy blue carton. The box inside is again navy blue and clicks shut. Both the carton and pack bear a silver inlaid rose- the trademark of Chambor. I love it.

Chambor Eye Shadow Trio (Bronze)-
Applicator- It is a foam-tipped applicator. The broad end is for application of shadow and the narrow one for crease work. At least that is how I use it. The foam tip is sturdy, washable and useful. As you can see, I have used it quite a few times. You can completely do without a brush if you have to.

Chambor Eye Shadow Trio (Bronze)

Price- I bought it for Rs. 450/- in February.


Without primer:

Without primer

With Primer (Maybelline Whitestay UV base):

With primer

As you can see in the pics above, there is not much difference in the intensity of the colours with and without primer. It just goes on to show really how sheer the colours are.

Although the primer increases their longevity form 2-3 hrs to 4-5 hrs.

Product: All the three colours are very sheer and give a pearlescent finish. All of them are picked up easily by the brush/applicator and glide on easily. There is not much fall out and whatever little that is there can be ignored because of their sheer nature.
Chambor Eye Shadow Trio (Bronze)-

The colours, as mentioned above, last 2-3 hrs. After that, they begin to fade. The good thing is they fade evenly, so you are not stuck with uneven colour.

They have a little tendency to settle into crease, but using a primer or even a little concealer on the lids tackles this easily.



Eye shadow Colour 1- This is a coppery-bronze brown colour. It is perfect for crease work. You can layer it on top of matte browns to create smokey brown eyes. It looks great as an overall lid colour too, especially for night time wear. It can be used in the outer corner to elongate the eye.

Eye shadow Colour 2- As you can see, this is the colour I have used the most. This is a perfect highlighter. It is the closest dupe of MAC Shroom. Both the colours are quite similar including the finish. This is the most obvious colour in this palette. You can easily go overboard with it. It needs to be applied with a light hand.

Eye shadow Colour 3- This colour is the most sheer colour ever. It looks nice and bright in the pack, but goes on semi-transparent. It is barely visible in the pics too. The colour pay-off for this one is negligible. But this is a safe pink. It won’t make you look pale or washed out. When coupled with the above two, it is quite passable. But people who are used to vibrant and opaque colours may find it unacceptable. I was one of them for a long time. But then I realized that this is how I can wear pinks. Matte and opaque pinks are just not suited to my complexion. Very fair girls may carry bright pinks as it is closer to their natural lid colour. But cool toned pinks are not made for me. I can and do carry this well.

You should buy Chambor Eyeshadow Trio  Palette if-

  • You want a subtle, natural look.
  • You want sheer coverage.
  • You want something that you can blindly wear every single day.
  • You want something to go with bright, bold lip colours.
  • You want a subtle, muted glow.
  • You find mattes quite drab and shimmer too loud.

You can skip Chambor Eye Shadow Trio Palette if-

  • You like only matte and opaque colours.
  • You are used to rich colour pay-off.
  • You like your eye shadows to show. These are quite muted.

All in all, this is a good product for workplace. But it’s not really a must-have. If you have similar colours, then you can easily skip it.

But if you need a good highlighter or a spicy brown or a subtle pink, this would be best buy.

You can see all the three colours on my eyes in two of the following makeup tutorials.

I have used the bronze-brown in my first ever makeup tute too.

My rating- :star: :star::star: + 0.5

I hope this review helps.

Lots of love


P.S. I had forgotten the name of this palette. It is Bronze not Rose as I had mentioned in my previous post. Sorry for the mix up.


54 thoughts on “Chambor Eye Shadow Trio (Bronze)- Review

  1. hey mrunmayee, so glad u did the review….convinced enough to get this palette.. :-))
    u guys wil make me run out of money.. every time i make up my mind not to invest in conmetics a new review comes up “as soon as i click the refresh button”” :lashes:
    but guess what, wil get this for sure resolution gaya bhar mein…. also :beauty: chambour is duly available here….

  2. great,thx for this. i am quite a chambor person myself. never thought of eyeshadows though as the brand didnt strike as something that would do pigments, true to what you say. but yes this does look nice for a work-look or a light morning look 🙂

  3. You know, I am not a Chambor person at all. The colour you mentioned is the sheerest looks most pigmented in pan among three. But extremely wearable colours and I know for sure that if I had this I would have been using it almost daily.

    Fantastic review, as always. :yes: :yes:

    1. Hey Rati, i was never a Chambor person… :-/ But I DO like their Lip pencils and eye pencils a lot… :inlove: :inlove:

      I bought this trio whn I discovered tht Chai Latte was Out of stock… 😛 😛

      But I have to say… I NEVER regretted it one bit… 😀 😀
      .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Grand giveaway at IMBB!!!! =-.

  4. Awesome review M 🙂 I’ve never tried Chambor eyeshadows…the colors look pretty sure it’ll look good on everyone 🙂

  5. Hey Mrun…..the way it is packed, it looks so precious 😛 😛 ……and the colors are so good….they would never turn garish on anyone 🙂

    1. M, I love Chambor packaging too. 🙂 Very classy. I’ve had my eye on this palette ever since you used it in your first tut. But I would have loved it more if they were not so sheer. Especially with sheer pinks, my skin peeping from underneath the e/s doesn’t look very flattering. 🙁 But very very nice colours in this palette! I’ll probably look for a dupe.

        1. I’m yet to lay my hands on a good primer, Rati. ELF is on my list, but first I have to locate where I can get ELF in Bangalore. :pain:

        1. Oh i was laughing at Mrunmayee’s comment ” Far from looking garish, the colours can actually not show up if anybody has dark or very pink lids…”


  6. ooooh…fabulous shades….I’ll put this palette on my list, :-)) …only problem is that I have dark eye lids… :weep:

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